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Provide A doc-Load option in each object to load just the first 40k of rich text fields in a doc 
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: Mike Woolsey5040 28 Feb 2014
: / Email
1- Often applications couldn't care less about what's in the rich text. When they do, you can still get it for 'em.
2- Document preview in Notes can be abyssmally slow, when all you really need is a half-page image load independently. Advantage: Outlook.
3- Even omitting attachments can give performance a big boost.
4- Making it a developer-programmable option allows seamless support for all existing applications.

1) Carl Tyler5446 (01 Mar 2014)
How is this significantly different to the partial replication option? Where the first 40k of a document is retrieved?
2) Christopher Boote6127 (10 Mar 2014)
Just to check, you are referring to a (e.g.) db.getdocumentbyunid or view.getdocumentbykey ?
I just opened two documents in each of those two ways, one with a huge (8MB) rtf and one with no rtfs
No appreciable difference in time to open either

Are you possibly referring to a uidoc open?
3) Mike Woolsey5040 (15 Mar 2014)
I've opened docs with multi GB attachments, the time cost is obvious. Replication itself adds to the cost, and ycant replicate to the same server.
4) Mike Woolsey5040 (15 Mar 2014)
(And yes, Ive loaded richtext many times the 8MB size mentioned, too.)
5) Mike Woolsey5040 (15 Mar 2014)
The whole idea is to quickly use the nonrich data without loading the rich data.
6) Bill Malchisky9254 (22 Jul 2014)
If @1's option doesn't work and it sounds like it would, why not add a column to your view that performs an @abstract or equivalent? Then you can see the plain text before opening. Unless you are specifically talking of mail only.

With the partial replication, you select when and which documents for which you want in-full.


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