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: Steve Franzen553 03 Jan 2008
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Create a Single Sign On process for all of the IBM Lotus Product Clients.   It could use the operating system credentials or other back end stores,  to authenticate a user to the server. 

  • Notes Client
  • Sametime Connect Client
  • Quickr Connectors

You could even create a browser plug-in that could exchange the data with a web page, so you would not have to reauthenticate with Domino Web Access, Sametime Meeting Center, Quickr, Connections..........

1) Harkpabst Meliantrop3799 (04 Jan 2008)
What is the benefit of SSO for IBM products only? Instead of developing a solution that work consistently over one vendor's products, but still is proprietary, I think the time and money are better spent on improving industry wide standards. Which in turn should be implemented by IBM, of course.
2) Christian Brandlehner3226 (04 Jan 2008)
Steve, did you try TAM ESSO? { Link }
3) Steve Franzen553 (04 Jan 2008)
@1 - This idea is for IBM Lotus Fat Clients.... Since these are traditionally client / server applications, I am not sure an "industry solution" is applicable. As for an "industry wide solution", I am in total support..

@2 - No, I guess the idea here is why can't we have the ability to use the Operating System credentials for authentication, rather than prompting for another set.
4) Axel Janssen6869 (07 Jan 2008)
I think SSO-Systems and applications should be decoupled. I am all for good integration capabilities for Lotus products in existing SSO solutions provided by IBM or others.
5) Bastian Wieczorek8390 (26 Jan 2008)
Do you read what will come in R8.5? I saw some infos in the Lotusphere 2008. I think that R8.5 could do what you will have.
6) Dale Dean1339 (17 Feb 2009)
I am running Notes 8.5 on Domino 8.5 and I still have to signon everytime I launch quickr places.


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