Quickr should fully support Mac clients (i.e. a Mac connector pack) 
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: Stuart Mcintyre1684 13 Nov 2007
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Yup, that means support for all the same connectors as on Windows - Notes client, Sametime, Office/Outlook and Desktop/Finder.  If you had to drop one, then I could understand losing the Office connector, but I think the other three are essential.

1) Gavin Bollard1648 (13 Nov 2007)
Why would losing the office connector be acceptable?
2) Mika Heinonen3778 (13 Nov 2007)
I think Mac is a nice platform, but it has one BIG mistake: it's not OpenSource!
And even that it's technically possible to install Mac OSX on any PC, Mac forbids it. That is so lame and childish. Go Fedora 8!
3) Eric Larson2099 (14 Nov 2007)
This especially true in Higher Ed where the Mac community has a considerable share. Great new technology from Lotus loses a few points if it isn't available on Mac.
4) Stuart Mcintyre1684 (14 Nov 2007)
@1 Simply because the Office market on Mac is so much more fragmented than on Windows - MS Office isn't so dominant, iWork is becoming more popular since Numbers was added, and OpenOffice/NeoOffice are still quite immature. If it was a choice of Mac connectors without Office, or to wait for an Office connector to be developed, I'd take the former every time.

@2 "lame and childish" - I thought we were all in business here...
5) Ben Jenkins46 (21 Nov 2007)
I work in Higher Ed and agree that Mac support (as in real equivalent support)is very important. It was one of the original selling points of becoming a Lotus shop in the first place.
6) Ben Poole2370 (10 Apr 2008)
@2.. what, and Windows *is*? Come on now.

A basic Finder connector would be a great start, and would integrate with load / save dialogs in OS X, so whilst the Office connector would be handy for many, I wouldn't regard is essential. We definitely need *something* though!!
7) David Harrison10 (25 Jan 2009)
Needed for credibility of Collaboration s/w in HE as Mac population grows
8) Dale Dean1339 (14 Apr 2009)
I completely agree that connectors are needed for MAC. We have several MAC users in our company, and most of them are already against Lotus Notes as a replacement for Outlook. If I tell them there is no Quickr connector package for MAC. It is going to be a deal killer. The compay is on the fence about Lotus products as it is. This does not help our sales pitch to retain these products. Please develop connectors for MAC.
9) Lawrence Micallef948 (28 May 2009)
64bit Windows Connector would be good too, and of course Linux now we have Symphony there too - in fact, why not make Connector part of the Symphony package too!
10) Leonardo Noach732 (26 Nov 2009)
I agree that connectors are important to show the difference of IBM solution comparing with similar technologies from other vendors.
I have used Lotus Notes in Mac for more than 2 years working and the experience has been very nice.
The Quickr connector for Mac would be other good reason to use the suite of Lotus Collaboration and have more independent of any operating system.
11) Nelson Morris102 (25 Jan 2010)
long overdue. even the file navigator on open ntf works on the mac.
12) Oliver Schulze46 (22 Feb 2010)
We also need connectors in Mac. One of the reasons we use Notes is because it is multi platform, I hope the connectors are comming soon since Sharepoint already have some sort of "connectors" for Mac.
13) Victor Montes Oliver30 (10 Aug 2010)
I have many customers who always ask, when we have conectors for all the platforms, Quickr is a very big tool for collaboration, one of the key points is the integration of all tools, providing for all platforms is a key value.
14) Guy Ceulemans355 (19 Dec 2011)
I do agree that the availability of the Quickr connectors is a must if you want end-user adoption.
One of the weak points is lack of an open standard to integrated with Quickr.

IBM should incorporate CMIS into Quickr, if so you could use other vendors' CMIS clients or connectors to access data stored in Quickr. e.g. CMIS Connector for Adobe Drive.

IBM itself could use this protocol to build an open 'Quickr' plugin to connect to Quickr and other CMIS Enterprise Document Management systems. In that case, you could access Quickr, FileNet or Alfresco directly from your Notes or Sametime Client.


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