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Extend the NotesDatabase class to have a CreateFolder method 
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: Ken Haggman598 05 Mar 2011
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Currently, the NotesDatabase class has no method for creation of new folders.
There is a method for creating a new view, but not a folder.
It is possible to use the C API (the folderCreate API) to do this from LotusScript - I have successfully used it on numerous occasions - but a native LotusScript method would be preferable.

1) Nikolay Yushmanov1437 (05 Mar 2011)
What about method:
Set notesView = notesDatabase.CreateView( [ viewName$ ] , [ viewSelectionFormula$ ] , [ templateView ] , [ prohibitDesignRefreshModifications ] )
with templateView = existing_template_folder

There is method notesDatabase.EnableFolder( foldername$ ) also.
2) Ken Haggman598 (07 Mar 2011)
The NotesDatabase.CreateView method creates a view, not a folder.
3) Dan King2533 (07 Mar 2011)
Ken, if your templateView is a folder it will create a folder for you.
4) Kenneth Axi1694 (10 Aug 2011)
Both of Nikolays ways will create a new folder, so I don't see the need for yet another function to do so.
5) Oliver Koss14 (05 Oct 2011)
How can I create a "shared, personal on first use"-folder this way?

notesDatabase.EnableFolder( foldername$ )...
gives me a "Canīt move document to shared folder (first Document)"

Set notesView = notesDatabase.CreateView(...
gives me a "Invalid view template for CreateView"

I want to create private folders in the backend without user interaction for different users.
6) Kevin Pettitt832 (21 Jan 2012)
Not sure why everyone thinks that the CreateView method will work as it certainly didn't for me. Yes my template "view" was a folder. Maybe a proper code example would clear up my confusion, as the blurb from the Designer Help did not.

In any case, here's a great example of doing this via the C API: { Link }


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