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Quickr - Ability to disable ActiveX on a per user basis 
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: Patrick Lambourne644 27 Nov 2007
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ActiveX controls are used by default in Quickplace to upload and download attchments amongst other things.
In my experience the number 1 user support issue In Quickplace and Quickr are users who are not allowed to use ActiveX or with broken installations of the ActiveX controls. These problems can often not be resolved which leaves the available option to disable ActiveX controls for the whole place, but this will obviously disable it for all users of the place. This then then makes life difficult for contributors who need to upload multiple files and stops place managers using the custom themes option.
In addition to disabling ActiveX for a place users should be able to do it on their own preferences page where they currently can set their TimeZone etc. 

1) Chuck Hauble795 (27 Nov 2007)
Yes, this is a big problem and adding it to user preferences would be great... it would also be great if it just detected that activex was not available per user, and just displayed the alternate interface
2) Stuart Mcintyre1283 (28 Nov 2007)
Won't this add a lot of management complexity?
3) Patrick Lambourne644 (28 Nov 2007)
It would reduce management problems considerably. Right now we have lots of places that have ActiveX turned off as a few users can't get it to work - in an ActiveX enabled place you can't download attachments without using the control.

Then to do some of the actions that require ActiveX like update the theme we have to turn on ActiveX (and hope the users with the problems are not using the site), make the change and remember to turn it off again.

There is already a preference screen where the user sets their time zone so having some checkboxs here to disable ActiveX would not make life difficult for the users.

As Chuck says the ideal situation would be that the code could work out if ActiveX was not working and displayed a useful alternative, but I guess this is not so easy to do reliably or they would have programmed it this way in the first place.
4) Ted Hardenburgh439 (05 May 2008)
Ideally, ActiveX would be removed as a requirement so that Quickr is a truly cross-browser product. The fact that ActiveX is required at all limits the ability to customize parts of the product if you want to standardize on a non-Windows platform, or just use Firefox as your "default" browser in an organization.


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