Private Views - Inherit Design Changes 
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: Andrew McCann255 15 Aug 2008
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Using Private Views in Lotus Notes has always been a bit of a double edge sword.

They do have their obvious benefits and can work fantastically. Unfortunately they have their limitations, which on paper would be quite easily resolved with a little work.

The problem I have (like so many others I'm sure) is that when a design change is made to the Parent View there is no real straight forward way to get the users private view to inherit this change.

It has always been a bit of a hack around to get the Db icon removed from the workspace thus deleting the users private view, then a fresh Private View is created on next bookmark & open.

The other way is to change to Name of the Parent - again a real lame method as this just leaves redundant views.
I have found some work around LS codes although these again have their issues, and yes I have tried the @updateViewDesign which does not seem to do what it says on the tin.

So I hope this issue could be looked at one day, and I'm sure that it will only encourage the use of Private Views which I know Developers do avoid using due to these limitations in design change.

1) Rob Porter837 (15 Aug 2008)
The problem with using @UpdateViewDesign is that with "private on first use" views the source and target view names are just strings and the private view created when a user first opens the "private on first use" view has the same name as the "parent" view. So if your "private on first use" view is called "Customers by Name" the private view created by the user is also called "Customers by Name". The formula to update the private view's design would look like this:

@UpdateViewDesign("Customers by Name"; "Customers by Name")

Unsurprisingly this doesn't work.

The "Upgrade Folder Design" agent in the mail template uses @UpdateViewDesign but because it's working with folders which have different names to their "parent" folders the formula is able to function correctly.

It would be ideal if the next time a user opens a database after its design has been refreshed, the designs of their private views were automatically updated. If that could happen then we wouldn't have to resort to workarounds (hacks) to solve this issue.
2) Morten Clausen663 (15 Aug 2008)
Even better would be a way of tying the design of the private view to a public view, so that the private view would just be an index that had to be combined with a view design to be a "real" view. That way no upgrading would have to be done, just reindexing if the parent design changed. OK, could be horrible performance-wise, but the current implementation is close to useless anyway. :-)
3) Graham Richards2211 (06 Feb 2009)
I'd agree with this idea, but with the following comment.

I think we need a 3rd type of view. A private view (in my mind) belongs to the user. They can edit and customize it if they so want to. This includes views they create from scratch, or manually copy from existing views.

I think that the "Shared, Private on first use" types of views need to create "Personalized views" rather than Private Views. In this case the user cannot modify the view, and it's design is liked to, and synchronized with, the parent view.


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