Only Send Attachments to those that need them 
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: John Lindsay218 21 Aug 2009
: / Email
When sending out e-mails with attachments it may be that only some of the people may need to see the attachments.  I would like to propose that as well as "To", "cc" and "Bcc" there is a further send option called (say) FYI.  This would only send the body of the e-mail, not the whole thing.
Where I see this working for us is when something like an Action is closed out and part of the Close-out means that there is supporting documentation then the Supporting DOcuments are only sent to those that need it but other personnel are notified that the Action is closed.
Obvious benefit would be the reduction in the Volume of traffic sent out if there is a large distribution list. 

1) John Lindsay218 (24 Aug 2009)
I have found out since submitting this that this was something that was done as a matter of course in the (UK) Royal Navy. There it is called "Without Enclosures". The Memo is sent to a group of people but the attachments are only sent to those that need them. It would appear then that I can't even claim it as an original idea. ;-)
2) Starrow Pan5103 (25 Aug 2009)
Domino 8 has a new feature that same attachments in multiple documents will only be stored as one copy. The documents only contain a link to it.
3) John Lindsay218 (02 Sep 2009)
@2: I am aware of this however what I am talking about here are external e-mails to people who may have an alternate e-mail system. In a distribution list of 15 or 20 people perhaps only one or two need to see the actual document.

Looks like I am on a hiding to nothing with this one.

4) Bill Malchisky12192 (10 Jan 2010)
@0 That's a very narrow niche utilization and best for a third-party app. Most cases people will tell you to send a separate note to those that need the attachments, or a link to the DB application that contains them, and if they are Notes users, you can put in a hide-when on the link, rather than the attachments themselves, which would still be in the message, but invisible and surely prompt calls to the Help Desk.


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