Enable WebDAV for all Notes documents 
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: Domino Server / Web application server
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: Gernot Leithner292 12 Oct 2009
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 WebDAV is currently only supported for design documents. Why not be able to use WebDAV as a protocol to create, edit and delete Notes documents? We could enrich our mashed up user experience with a cool Notes database integration in the Explorer.
Why does Lotus Domino suffer from incomplete WebDAV support? Maybe somebody might argue that if Domino is fully WebDAV enabled, Lotus Quickr would not sell terribly well? 
What do we need Quickr for then? All functionality is already there, in Lotus Domino.

1) Peter Presnell28487 (12 Oct 2009)
The incompleted Webdav support includes obscure documentation and promotion of its availablilty even for Design documents. I keep forgetting its there....
2) Mark Demicoli10736 (13 Oct 2009)
I fully support the development of this extension to fully support operations. I have also previously created an "idea" here to extend support into the CALDAV protocol, which would provide the building block for efficient calendar interoperability with disparate calendar servers.
3) Rob Goudvis8695 (13 Oct 2009)
I never liked the argument that a feature is not implemented, because it will reduce the need for some another tool. Having such a feature makes the system stronger.
4) Bruce Lill10666 (14 Oct 2009)
It would be nice to have it store in forms. What webdav systems out ther let user update data in forms? All I have worked with saved files (html & images) like FTP.

I would like to be able update forms or create pages instead of file resources
5) Kim van den Berg50 (16 Dec 2011)
In 2010 Lialis released Quickr iPad. With this solution you can access (upload, download, synchronize) attachments in IBM Lotus Quickr databases directly with an iPad or iPhone (or other tablet pc or mobile device) over the WebDAV protocol. There is no need to use connector software or actually access the Quickr place.

Lialis supplies the software for free for the first user, for more users licenses can be purchased. There is direct support available and information about installation and configuration.

Feel free to access our website for the free software (for one user), license information and support information (installation, configuration, movies, etc.)
{ Link }

WebDAV is also available for Lotus Domino and is about to be released for IBM Connections.
6) Ilya Vasyashin10 (07 Mar 2015)
Surprisingly, in our project we have done almost as proposed by the author. WebDAV for any database (special views added) and for any document by ReplicaID and DocumentUNID. See DoT4D { Link }


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