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Place message on HOLD from the Mail.Box (Addition at end) 
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: Domino Administrator / Messaging Router
: multiple mailbox message, enhancement
: Jacques Page644 01 Sep 2010
: / Email
We came in this morning to find our 3 mail.box filled up with about 180000 warning messages from an SQL server that lost it... It was sending about 1000 messages per minute.  This is the second time it happens in a few months
We immediately stopped the router and enabled a rule to put the messages from that sender on HOLD (pushed to all servers)  then we proceeded to clean up all mail.boxes before restarting the router.
In the end, it took 2 hours to perform the cleanup.  During that time, the router was down and no email were delivered. more than 3000 emails were accumulated when we restarted the router.
I think it would be nice to have a function where we could go to the Mail.boxes, right click a message and select HOLD based on the sender or the title..
This way, the cleanup could take a little longer but at the very least, valid messages would get delivered.
This could also be used for multiple reasons.. such as testing mail routing on new external systems using SMTP
I know Extrafax has such a function (although, it acts only on one message at the time..)
Additionally, would it be possible to add "Occurence" on the rule list (Along Sender, Subject etc) to which we could add a number? (ie: If occurence>60 per minute ) then we could deny or hold..
We could also have an additional action which could be "Warn someone"...
(yes, I was tempted to copy and paste those 180000 messages in the recipients mail files....:) )

1) Michael Tassati3928 (04 Sep 2010)
- good message: your server didn't go down!
- the primary problem is the sql server.
- if a mail.box is full and you have to cleanup - stop server and rename the file...now you have a lot of time for cleanup.
- every admin should have a little bit developer know how: creating an agent with simple action will bring you the action you need (5 minutes).
- DDM contains a "warning system"

In general there should be an action to "stop message".
2) David Hablewitz15237 (06 Sep 2010)
Michael said it well.
Regarding your additional request to throttle incoming mail, many spam filtering services and appliances do this. I know Postini (Google) does have a setting to reject connections from a source if that source exceeds a certain number of messages per minute. Effectively, your SQL server was spamming you.
I suggest you create a separate idea for this so it gets proper attention.
3) Jacques Page644 (07 Sep 2010)
Good points Michael and David.

Although, taking the server Offline, renaming all 3 Mail.boxes and restarting is a solution, it come with some problems....
1- This is a Linux on z system. Restarting it is a gamble. It can take 2 minutes or 45 minutes..
2- in between all those 6 million mail, there are lots of valid and urgent ones that need to find their way to recipients.
3- I name this function here with the "spamming" problem but I am sure it could be used to many other advantages..
4- yes, there are many ways to do this but how simple would it be to have this right in the mail.box or even create a rule that can do it..

and 5--- We do not have Anti Virus on our servers... we already have 3 levels of checks done. We feel having one more on the server is simply over killed.. How many times should we check a message for virus?

We are discussing the problem with the source users/admins and asking them to reduce the warning frequency.. But I still think having that function handy would be a great asset..

4) Ralph Borcherds547 (13 Jan 2011)
I agree. Have a button to mark e-mails as HOLD or DEAD from the view would be nice. The other addition would be to ask the following question:

If DocumentCollection is 1 then Mark all from Sender HOLD
If Yes then runs an agent looking for sender and marks all e-mails HOLD If NO then just selected document
If DocumentCollection is >1 then Mark selected only HOLD
If Yes then marks select HOLD if NO then quits agent.

These two are easy enough to code but the design of the mail.box can change so it would be nice to have that code in the template for future releases.

Another option that I would like is to mark all that are older than X minutes/hours on hold or dead. For example an Inbox folder get corrupted and will not accept new e-mails but the server keeps trying. Mark them HOLD until the mail file is fixed then release them.


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