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Specify a profile field as the formula in a view column 
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: Domino Designer
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: Mike Woolsey5040 28 Feb 2014
: / Email
Often admins would like a way to recast certain columns in an application in useful ways, without having a major impact on the view's content or the like.
It'd be great if the developer could allow someone to change the formula in a profile, and have that affect a view column.
Aside, this is what I've tried to do with a "user-definable" column. However, this "user-definable" column feature seems quite hard to pull off. I haven't been very successful using it. It'd be great if this feature were MUCH more straightforward: you specify a profile and a field name with the formula as a *text* field, and that's it.

1) Peter von Stöckel2682 (03 Mar 2014)
I'm not going to vote either up or down on this one. It's a nice idea, but the question is if it's usable for actual end users. As a developer, it could possibly be nice to give the user a few pre-defined choices, but to have them actually create the formula for a column sounds like the making of "support hell".
2) Christopher Boote6132 (10 Mar 2014)
OK, so you want a configuration doc (could be a profile doc, could be a regular doc) to have a field containing a 'soft' formula?
This formula is faithfully replicated in a view column?
Then Admins can change this formula and recast the view?

You can do this now
Add a button to the doc form that gets the view, and copies the formula into the notesViewColumn.Formula

You can put whatever fancy stuff you want to select the view affected first, of course
3) Mike Woolsey5040 (15 Mar 2014)
Try it without designer access. Try it with design updates turned on. No, essentially you cant do it and support a realistic design environment.
Heck, with your technique I could also write a whole new view & save it.
But what I find needed is more flexibility in between a designer and a user.
4) Mike Woolsey5040 (06 Sep 2014)
Update: what I *did* find was, finally, a way to use the "user definable" view attribute. And it works really well once I decrypted the documentation. Formula in a profile is very nice.

I expect it doesn't work for user-specific profiles, but I haven't tried it either.


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