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Automatic database clustering 
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: Domino Server / Data Storage and Management
: clustering, cluster, automatic
: M A432 13 Dec 2007
: / Email
Need: when I create a new db on a clustered server in automatic is replicated all over the other members of the cluster group and containing - in the ACL and with no admin intervention - the cluster group members as "Managers" of the db to avoid replica conflict/problem. To made this option "manageable", this will happens in automatic ONLY if I place the newly created db under a specific system folder. Thanks!

1) Tom McArthur1022 (13 Dec 2007)
Although this can be done with add-on products like ServerAdmin+, it is such a basic function that it should be included within Domino.

However, not every site uses folders the same way, so requiring the db to exist in a folder is not a very universal solution. I would rather see a db property that can be enabled ("auto-create cluster replicas" or something similar) on individual dbs.
2) Corey Davis1744 (14 Dec 2007)
I like the essence of the idea, but agree with Tom that this should not be based on folder structure but rather some other property or dialog box option.
3) David Killingsworth4000 (30 Jan 2008)
amen brother


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