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: Elijah Lapson581 31 Aug 2007
: / Email

Staff within organizations/companies tend to come and go. As new staff arrive taking over responsibilities from the old the inevitable question arises...

Can I switch Jane Doe's Meeting invitation's over to Jane Doe 2.0?

I would love to have an option in the mail template (not an agent I write that gets overwritten with each upgrade) which could "transfer" ownership of a meeting from one user to another.

1) John de Giorgio749 (10 Sep 2007)
Good idea but needs to be for all meetings & invitations (not anniversaries) and only from a given date onwards.
2) Elijah Lapson581 (10 Sep 2007)
Agreed. The basic functionality would be to rename the owner on all invitations "move" the meeting to a new mailfile, and send out an information update to the invitees that the meeting has changed or do it behind the scenes so they don't have to accept it. This processing ideally would also be initiated from the admin client.
3) Bill Malchisky9254 (16 Nov 2007)
This should be extended to To Dos as well.
4) Joerg Michael20 (01 Jun 2008)
While this is definitely a valid problem, I don't think this should live in the users' mail files. It should definitely something the user needs to do manually before he leaves. Users generally don't know much about Notes as it is. NOBODY would ever know how to do an action they would only use once.

It should also not require the admins to muck around in the user's mail file after he/she leaves.

Probably adminp would be the ideal guy to do this. Of course, it would be tricky to supply adminp with a new name to assign the reservations to. Maybe this could be entered when the user is deleted.
5) Josh Gadbois11 (21 Nov 2008)
I loathe Notes. This would make it less painful to work with, though.
6) Elijah Lapson392 (25 Sep 2009)
@4 - I agree this should be an administration function. Currently there is the wonderful ability to push out updates to Calendar entries made by the "Chair" of the meeting. Would it be so difficult (maybe it would) to extend this functionality to the name of the Chair as well as the details of the meeting?

I would be happy with only allowing Administrators to run a task which would switch ownership of all Calendar entries which are of type "Meeting" to a new (already created) username.

I get asked this questions constantly and the answer is cancel all the meeting and resend the invitations. Another workaround we use is a "shared" Calendar for groups of staff but that is a story for another day.

@5 Just curious what other Email/Calendaring systems have you supported and how much easier were they to Administer than Lotus Notes?
7) Warren Rust35 (25 Jan 2012)
Well, I'm coming late to this party, but ...
@4 & @6 - I disagree that this should be an admin only functionality. I could use this all the time when I would like to be able to 'delegate' the chair of a meeting (esp. one of a recurring set) I've set up, but now have a conflict.


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