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: Mike Woolsey4870 04 Nov 2011
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A number of limitations have limited my use of views again & again.
1. @Return(value) in a view column. Does that work even now?
2. Pivot / minor column-column connections between two views. It hasn't made a lot of sense to me why a Domino server would find it "tough" to connect two views across a specific set of visible views. In R3 (or was it R4?) we used to do something like this with search portfolios. Connecting up data ain't that hard -- again, granted the limited lists selected in a Web form. Limit it; use it.
3. Using profile document field values to translate information (e.g., dialog translations, statuses that need to be configured) in views also seems to be a big, needed feature. The profiles are cached documents, are they really that hard to use in a view?
4. Support alternate view sorting even when it's used with "aligned" view columns (unsorted, "display as multiple values" columns). This is a longstanding issue with a number of view designs.
5. Support alternate view sorting from XPages even when you're alternate-sorting only in "Descending" mode. For some reason this doesn't work in the view controls.
6. Allow ?ReadViewEntries to read the **entire** view for some calls. Yeah, it's going to push some data around. But to perform reports it needs to happen.
7. Allow ?ReadViewEntries to display the entire contents of a field or view column, not just what it's limited to in a normal view.
I don't know which of these features would be more useful. I just know I've run into them.

1) Mark Demicoli10736 (05 Nov 2011)
The fundamental design philosphy of views is readiness in a resource de-intensive sort of way. There are a great number of semi-documented limitations with this in mind. The Notes View is architected for the majority who are not really paid well enough to understand the deeper mechanics and even less to have access to them. I really don't know whether to support some of your points or settle (as I have generally) to work around limitations.
2) Mark Demicoli10736 (05 Nov 2011)
Having said that I again would rather see some code open-sourced so attempts can be made to increase function and flexibility.
3) Alexey Katyushyn3674 (08 Nov 2011)
>column-column connections between two views
NSFDB2 allowed to do so. But now it is no longer relevant.
4) Mike Woolsey4870 (10 Dec 2011)
I've run across another situation where 6 is important: loading dojo grids, for instance.


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