Asynchronous agent triggering or add agents to agent schedule list 
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: Tomas Ekström1523 11 Dec 2007
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Problem today!
  • If the agent triggers another agent the runtime limit may be reached for the calling agent since it has to wait for the called agent to finish.
  • When triggered from the console (tell amgr run 'db-path' 'agentname') the agent has no runtime limitation.
I would like to have the possibility to put agents on the amgr schedule list programmatically.
This can then be used to reduce the number of agents that runs every 5 min only to see if it has something to do.
Enabling this kind of triggering would allow having a master agent which can trigger other agents as needed and still utilizing the runtime limitation of the amgr on the triggered agent.

Possible solution:
Add an option to amgr to make it possible to add an agent to the schedule list.
Example: tell amgr add 'db-path' 'agent-name' '18:15'
Would put the agent on the scheduled agent list to be run at aprox. 18:15.
Let the runtime limitation work on agents started with tell amgr run
Extending the NotesAgent class with a method like addToSchedule(NotesDateTime)
Extend NotesAgentClassRunOnServer with something like this:
RunOnServer( [ noteID$ ] , [runInBackground as Boolean])
Utilizing the runtime limitation of course.
Related to the comments on this idea
Related to, but not the same as this since my suggestion is a single triggering.

1) Peter LaComb846 (11 Dec 2007)
I like the add to schedule - would go well with being able to schedule an agent to occur at a specific time each day.

I'd really like the runonserver method to have a 'waitforcompletion' optional bool (default to true for compatibility) so that I could have it fire and go right to the next statement.
2) Slawek Rogulski9372 (11 Dec 2007)
I like the idea of asynchronous agents. As far as scheduling them programmaticaly I have posted an idea about that here: { Link }


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