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Ability to merge change and to realtime show updates on the form when content changes. 
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: conflicts, replication, update fields, xpages, merge, userinterface
: Hendrik Jan van Meerveld135 02 Jul 2010
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If an agent, replication, or save action from another user changes the back-end document, then show this in the front-end UI document.
This Idea comes from a comment from Bruce Lill in idea "Problems of conflict situations".
Bruce, I like it so much that I made this idea out of it. Credits to you!
IBM could actually add this functionality to XPages as well. Use Ajax to update the controls when the documents on the server changes.

1) Vlad Sh10448 (05 Jul 2010)
I think it should be done only when the document is in the mode for reading, and that - optional.
I do not relish the prospect of what I typed text will be overwritten updated text.
2) David Hablewitz15242 (20 Jul 2010)
This certainly would be undesirable if I am in edit mode. I don't want someone else's edits overriding my work while I'm editing a document. Just because theirs were saved first doesn't mean theirs is right.

So regarding read mode, I have often left a document open to see it in its original form so I could compare it to later updates. No, I don't want anything automatically changing. I don't mind having an indicator that the document has changed similar to the blue circular arrow indicating to refresh a view when the view has changed. And I don't mind having a way to refresh what is displayed in read mode to update those changes instead of having to close and re-open the document.
3) Hendrik Jan van Meerveld135 (27 Jul 2010)
Even in edit-mode, you can show an indicator (like when a view has changed) to show that someone else saved the document in the background.

At the same time the fields that have changed can flash a couple of times (but keep the value that it had when you opened the document), to indicate that someone else filled in another value in that field.

Then when you choose to refresh the document (F9), you can choose between options:
- refresh the whole document (losing your changes)
- refresh only the fields that you didn't change yet (so do a merge, your changes win)
- do a merge, the changes of the other person wins

Also a hover effect (tooltip) could show you per field what the new value is and let you choose to use the old or the new value.
4) David Hablewitz15242 (27 Jul 2010)
I could vote for that. Add those ideas to the original idea.


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