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One "perfect" solution to display only a (dynamical) subset of data from a view 
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: Hynek Kobelka8110 02 Nov 2007
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Right now we have "Embedded views with show single category","Private views", "@ViewSetInfo", "DB2 Query view". All of these solutions do nearly the same thing: Presenting the user only a dynamically filtered part of a view. None of these solutions works perfect.
A) Embedded View with “show single category”
With this we can do very nice things but:  
  • "Collapse All" - makes that all data "disappears", because also the "hidden" category has been collapsed
  • The view itself has to be saved with a "Expand All”-status, otherwise no data is displayed. If you  have several categories you can not achieve it that only the first is expanded but the others are collapsed. Ahhh
  • Ctrl-A - selects ALL in the wholes view. Even the ones, which the user cant see. If he now triggers an action on selected docs this can lead to a catastrophe
  • If you put an “Embedded View” into a blank page/form  and set its height ans width to 100% then you still get one empty line above the view which is visible.(Hide-whens won't help).This makes it "ugly" to display such a view directly from the ouline.
  • Does not work in calendar views
  • Resortable columns do not work
B) Private (on first use ) Views
Actually even this is a solution for the same problem, only that the "filter" is limited by the actual username of the current user. And if you add the other problems like "index size", "design-updates", "strange errors" then this solution is not acceptable as well.
C) @ViewSetInfo.
   Again a nice try but:
  • the filter has to be cleared one you leave the view or else it will filter all other views where you switch to
  • the categories have to be expanded for the filter to work
  • Ctrl-A selects still too many document
  • it does not work with flat views at all
  • it acts "weird" sometimes (yes i know this is not really technical, but it is true)
D) With DB2 as a backend we now get an other option which is "Query view"
I have not worked with this yet, but my tests seemed that this is no "perfect" solution as well.
  • They work only on a server and never locally
  • The performance is low because there is no prepared view index
  • There is a limit displayed documents (which can be changen via notes.ini, but the limit is still there)
I would suggest you focus on one solution and make it really perfect so that expands/collapse, select-all, column resorts, column totals all simply work the same way wheter i have a "full view" or a "filtered view".

1) Ravikiran Kodali215 (23 Oct 2009)
Seems you can expand and collapse and embedded view now in 8.5.1
2) Bas van Gestel2808 (04 Jan 2011)
Also the CTRL-A and the hide issue no longer apply in current releases of Notes. Only issues remaing are calender views and sortable columns.


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