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: Cristian D'Aloisio1368 15 Mar 2008
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After my previous post, I took a look to the new Notes/Domino Wiki that was kindly suggested by Amy and Mary Beth:

I think that the suggested wiki is a big step made by IBM to give structured feeback about several issues related to Notes/Domino, but it's not exactly what I meant ;-)

I'll try to sum-up what is in my mind, just making some examples for the Designer Help:

- it should be online and available on theInternet (IBM site)

- it should initially be installed during the Designer client installation and afterwards it should be replicated with the online Help from IBM

- there should be a Notes client user preference to let the programmer choose what Help should be opened when he/she press the F1 button: local Notes client help OR online Help.

- another user preference could be something like a radio button that let the programmer choose what pages he/she wants to read: only IBM official pages, both IBM & user updates

- anyone can read and search the Help (anonymous & authenticated users)

- only authenticated users can make updates to a page: all updates will be just available as a revision of the official page/pages, with date-time and username information

- each revision made by one user can be voted by other authenticated users (thanks IdeaJam), and the most voted revision for a page will be just on top of other revisions, BUT just below the official IBM original page.

- any user should choose if reading only the IBM pages OR both the IBM page AND all revisions made to pages by other users: all users revisions should be available as a link from the official IBM page, revisions sorted by date/time and number of users votes by other users.

- if IBM agrees with one revision (even after some weeks from the posting), IBM can put a flag on that revision, something like "Approved by IBM docs department", or just write a note to a specific post or even disapprove it ;-)

My previous points are just a hint, I guess I missed some other important features ;-)

Anyway, it seems to me that all those features could be programmed as a Notes/Domino database... ;-)

1) Julian Robichaux941 (16 Mar 2008)
Just to help with your first point, the Help docs are online (with no authentication) at:

{ Link }

Personally, I'd rather see something like the PHP online help, where there is official documentation at the top, and people can make comments below with code snippets with clarifications. That seems to work well. As an example:

{ Link }

This way the documentation is still controlled by the people who are writing it, but the community can offer additional guidance. Voting for the comments (like IdeaJam the Amazon reviews) would indeed be a nice touch, too.
2) Cristian D'Aloisio1368 (16 Mar 2008)
Hi Julian,
thanks for your example about the PHP Online Help: it's a good start example of what I mean.

So somebody else already did it for the PHP Community! We are late ;-)
3) Steve McDonagh410 (19 Mar 2008)
The PHP format is a winner for me.. I use it daily and it really would not be that hard to cobble together something that has he same functionality and usefulness!
4) Charles Robinson8913 (19 May 2008)
MSDN offers the same thing: { Link } . There is Community Content at the bottom.
5) Joyce Davis531 (30 Sep 2008)
Hi all - we heard from many many people that they wanted a Designer wiki (separate from the Domino wiki), so we created one! You can find it here: www.lotus.com/ldd/ddwiki.nsf

Joyce Davis
Community Manager, Lotus Information Development


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