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: Harkpabst Meliantrop3799 10 Dec 2007
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Domino Designer displays the "Access Name" for fields on the HTML tab of the properties window. This name is the label that users will see in front of or right above a field (as determined by Designer). While Designer displays this name, there is no programmatic acces to it. Field valiadation formulas could be made more portable, if we could actually display this name to a user. A function to return that info could e.g. be called @ThisLabel.
Right now, we can either hard code the text that identifies a field to the user in validation formulas, or we can use @FieldName. However, @FieldName returns the technical field name, that might not be recognized by the user.
It would still be the developers responsibility to ensure, that the Access Name displayed in the properties window is what the user should see. But this can and must be determind at design time. This value could be less usefull, when using different approaches for internatinalization, but again, it would all be down to the developer to make use of this or not.
Note: I rewrote this idea completely, as I was under the imression (which could be wrong), that I did not make my point too clear. I'm not asking for a new automatism to calculate field labels, I'm just asking for programmatic acces to a property, that's already there.

1) Ben Langhinrichs7382 (10 Dec 2007)
My opinion is that this would be far less useful than you think. The original driving reason for @ThisValue and @ThisName were to support repeated fields in a table, and this is no good field label in those cases. The best guess that IBM makes is basically just the last nonblank text record before the field, and that is often not a field label at all, for various reasons.

The designer should know best what the meaning of the field by fieldname is, so @ThisName is both adequate and preferable to a guessed at label, in my opinion.
2) Harkpabst Meliantrop3799 (10 Dec 2007)
Ben, I don't agree, naturally (as the initiator of this idea). While the access name might be a guess, it is there already and clearly visible to the designer while designing the form. Consequentially, there is basically no risk to show a wrong label by mistake.

@ThisName might be most useful with repeating fields, but @ThisValue is clearly most often used in input translations and validations. In fact, I don't see how it would come into play with repeating fields. And while writing input translations or input validations, @ThisName is surely not adequate or preferable to be displayed to the use in any kind of error message. And that's what my point is all about.
3) Pierre Lalonde142 (15 Jan 2008)
Harkpabst, I'm behind you all the way. We're actually developing a Lotus Notes/Domino Workflow platform for both Notes client and Web client.

We're trying to build a fast simple way to manage the Field validations. If we could access this "Access Field" property, we could provide a quick and simple way to manage those validation and provide the end-user with contextual Error message.
4) Wendall Mosemann503 (11 Feb 2008)
Since I develop strictly for the web I had not seen that label before. I agree with Ben (from the web side of things) that the usefulness of this is minimal considering I do most of my validations via JavaScript. I also agree with Ben in that a lot of the guessed labels could contain pass-through html of some sort which you wouldn't want to necessarily display on the client.

First Name: <div class="BdyField"> ___________ </div>

If you think this would benefit you and others, maybe instead of just displaying the Access Name on that properties dialog, the Access Label could accept data and could be defaulted to the best guess but you could overtype or enter your own Access Label.
5) Harkpabst Meliantrop3799 (20 Feb 2008)
Is it really so hard?

Currently the Access Name is displayed in Designer, but it's good for nothing. It would have a certain use, if I could access it. And as I see exactly what's in it while I design a form, I could could decide to either use it or not. No unexpected results.

I'm not talking about a way to manage lables along with field names.


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