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Ability to open DB from the WebAdmin.nsf file tab. 
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: Brett Flagg294 20 Apr 2008
: / Email
I've found myself in a remote location and to take care of a emergency, it's easy to use the webadmin.nsf.
Quite a few times, I need to open a db in the File tab, and I cannot. 
This stops me from seeing exactly what the end user issue is.
This is built in the Notes Admin client... why not here?

1) Bill Malchisky9254 (21 Apr 2008)

I've been all over the dev team and tech support on this for a couple of years. Even had a good talk with the newest Web Admin developer at LS08. Although she could not commit---obviously---to anything, I provided a long list of concerns with the client. Your point was towards the top of the list. I agree with you here.

My understanding here is that there exists a limitation to the HTML code-set the prevents opening an NSF file programatically through this DB. Now, there are a lot of serious coders reading this site's posts, and would know the specifics greater than I, but that is was I heard from both Lotus Tech Support and the Dev Team. Having stated that, your understanding my trump what I've learned, and would appreciate a counter-point here, if appropriate.

Good idea. Glad to see it in print.
2) Harkpabst Meliantrop3248 (23 Apr 2008)
I'm not sure, if opening any database in a browser window is really that helpful. What about apps that either don't have a dedicated web UI or do not allow web access at all? There is no guarantee, that what you see is really similar to what the user sees.
3) Brett Flagg294 (23 Apr 2008)
what you missing is that it doesn't have to be a all exclusive solution.
Admin's should know what they can and cannot open by way of web due to limitations of DB design.

Reguardless. a admin should have full access to everything on the box.
Having to open a seperate browser, type in the whole url address, just to
take a look at a problem is nuts, especially since your all ready there!!
4) Harkpabst Meliantrop3248 (24 Apr 2008)
Brett, I don't think, that I'm missing anything here. I even agree, that this feature might come in handy at times. But just as many times it will not. There are still many companies, that run mostly client applications (and might even enable HTTP just to have access to webadmin).

You say, that an admin should know, what databases can be opened from a browser. I disagree. This applies to rather small shops at best. In an environment, where administration and development are (mostly) separated, the admin will most of the time NOT know, what to expect.

So, the reason for me demoting is 1) that there is too little added value to justify further efforts and 2) that this might cause just as much confusion to some, as it might help others. Looking at what Thomas Gumz and follow-up developers have achieved, it would have been just too easy for them to incorporate this feature. The fact that they didn't proofs to me, that they had their reasons.


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