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: Nasir Javed1291 06 Nov 2007
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In workflow applications we often need to save Fully Qualified names in Readers/Authors/Names type fields in order to reduce name ambiguities e.g. “Joe User/dev/demo” or “Joe User/adm/demo” however for display purposes people like to have “Joe User” only instead of complete fully qualified name so normally developers create 2 fields 1 for display purpose and other for application logic (workflow, security etc)
There should an option on Names type fields properties box (Readers/Authors/Names) how to display the contents of that fields e.g. following options could be there:
a. Common Name only
b. Abbreviated Name
c. Cannonical Name
However actual value either could be saved as in Canonical Format or Abbreviated Format. Using this feature a single field could serve both purposes. This feature should also entertain multi values.

1) Grant Lindsay1038 (09 Nov 2007)
Which seems doable, since presently (and by presently, I mean R6.5,) the name is stored as Canonical (CN=Joe User/OU=dev/...) but is displayed as Abbreviated (Joe User/dev/...)

So, just make the display behavior selectable.
2) Bill Malchisky12192 (16 Nov 2007)
How does that setting carry over to views though?

One would need logic to have the view column check for that parameter and display it as set or let the column formula override that value...put an option in the view column for Name fields and a check box to use the value set on the names field if it exists? This is a bit murky and might have a performance hit...can you elaborate here?
3) Rakesh Mehta43 (18 Nov 2007)
This feature could be really useful, think of all the input translations / extra computed fields we need to abbreviate or expand the names.

Even with views columns we should be able to choose the display format of names, similar to what we get for date columns.
4) Grant Lindsay1038 (20 Nov 2007)
@2, Bill, in a view, I imagine this being a column property (under the current Names data type) that could just be a drop down of available display options: Common, Abbreviated, etc. The underlying, stored value would always canonical, as it is now. There needn't be any correlation between form and view.

So, instead of a column formula or @Name( [CN]; Approver ), we would just have Approver and set the display property to "Common". My gut says performance would go up.

And the "old" way would always work as it does now, naturally.

-- Grant
5) Christopher Boote10606 (11 Aug 2009)
The problem is with John Smith/Sales/MyOrg and John Smith/Engineering/MyOrg
How are you going to differentiate them if you don't show Abbreviated names?
6) Bas van Gestel2994 (22 Dec 2010)
You also need to add a distiction between hierarchal names and internet style names. So two new properties for display:
For Hierarchical names display: Common/Abbreviated/Canonicalized
For Internet style names display: RFC821//Full RFC822/RFC Phrase/RFC Local Part/etc

It is all there for Numbers, Currency, Date Time values, etc. Why not for names. Would save a LOT of hide-whens and column formulas in this world.


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