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Store Journal, Contacts, Bookmarks in Mail file 
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: Richard Thomsen152 08 Feb 2008
: / Email

Contacts.  Personal Journal.  Bookmarks.

Take outside forces (like a mandatory disk encryption software that scrambled hard drives occassioanally), add angry users, stir.  BOOM!

Put the three sets of information all in the same file, the mail file, as a default (ok, option).  Users expect that all of their data is on the server and backed up, even when you tell them otherwise.  They don't want to manually Synchronize with silly action options, nor deal with replication, if they don't need to.  Admins also need a simple means to locate information on the server for related support issues. 

Yes, you can use Roaming to put files here or there, create more replication overhead and support issues for your users, and make running Notes on Citrix a mess, but why bother?

1) Paul Davies12381 (08 Feb 2008)
I'd rather see contacts and journal as part of the mail file only and bookmarks, desktop, locations, accounts, connections and other configurations in a seperate config db stored on the server with local replication.
2) Richard Thomsen152 (08 Feb 2008)
I agree. I also support the idea of more than one database on the server, but it must be transparent to the end user, integrate well with other Notes features, and be simple to administer.

Current alternatives:
Synchronize Journal and Contacts (for DWA and BB) in mail file...MANUAL
Contacts Sync in Notes 8...this is OK, but what about the rest.
Files on backed up Network Drives...Boo!
Roaming...asks users if they want to 'send data to the server' when they close Notes. Not compatible with SSO in multi-user installs. Not supported in multi-user mode with Citrix.

There has been discussion elsewhere about RSS and whether to store it in the mail file. While I think this could cause exploding storage usage also, I still think that belongs 'linked' to the Mail File also. Users should be able to seamlessly replicate or roam with this whole set of 'my Notes data'. Perhaps a different idea would be the ability to set 'replication sets' of databases for these kinds of files that are specific to end users, and control them via policy.

If I am missing something here, or there are other ND8 improvements that help, please share!
3) Craig Wiseman21821 (11 Feb 2008)
This is a serious issue for users, and therefore, for admins. The synch process is just a silly kludge. There are two approaches as I see it: collapse everthing into the mail file (horror! death! the END of ALL!), or segment each type into i's own NSF and make them automatically (via policy) replicate to the user's home server. I've posted an idea with that purpose (see link), but I really don't care with way we go with this. JUST FIX IT!!

{ Link }
4) Patrick Kwinten22018 (30 Jul 2010)
journals can become quite big, this will just decrease mobility (mail)
5) Andreas Weinreich46 (04 Feb 2011)
shoul be the same like synchronize contacts (on replicator page!) and also delegation in mailfile (including 'private' entries like contacts in 8.5.2). users in higher levels (managers) need this functionality very often ...
add/edit journal entries on bb/iphone/android is standard for business people but it must be also a standard that the entries can also be edited by the personal assistent.


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