Use rules (afterwards) for already existing mails 
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: Martin Vogel2501 14 Dec 2007
: / Email
Rules are useful to manage incoming mails, but not for already existing mails in the mailbox.  Therefore I would like to have the ability to use rules for already existing mails.

1) Bastian Wieczorek8390 (14 Dec 2007)
oh a good idea... it would be also usefully for sorting a bigger (+- 6GB) Mailbox ;-)
2) Ben Langhinrichs7382 (14 Dec 2007)
Absolutely! Good idea.
3) John Head1126 (15 Dec 2007)
I think we are better off with detailed documentation on how rules work and are structured ... and a sample on how to trigger them. Now that would be best
4) Martin Vogel2501 (16 Dec 2007)
@3 I could image to trigger one or more rules by a "rules manager". In this "rules manager" i would have the ability to enable rules to manage all mails within one or more selected folders.
5) Rob Goudvis8695 (17 Dec 2007)
Another approach could be to select a single rule and then apply it to a selected view/folder. This functionality is offered by Netscape (yes, I know: it is ancient, but I still use it because there are hardly any virusses written for Netscape mail).
6) Stephen Bailey1802 (08 Jan 2008)
Definitely needed. One wonders why it hasn't always been there!

Outlook's had this for ages ;-)

7) Matthew Mitchell36 (28 Jun 2008)
When I have to deal with end-users (and support personnel) who've come from Outlook to Notes, it's pretty high on the list of annoyances that they can't retrospectively apply a rule to their emails (Yes, I know Notes is a lot more than just email, but to most newbie end-users, email's the first thing they encounter).

In fact, come to think of it, most other email clients I have used have this option, except Notes - Thunderbird and Googlemail (filters), Mac Mail, Outlook (Full & Express), Eudora. I think even cc:mail had this option, although it's been a while so I wouldn't put money on it.

It surely wouldn't be that difficult, after all, it's possible to run Agents against existing documents, you just wouldn't want most end-users writing Agents in their email, due to the high level of damage that could ensue.
8) Mike Woolsey4870 (06 Feb 2011)
Actually -- this feature is available in Outlook.

I actually wrote an agent to get this done awhile ago ... it's not hard, and the damage that ensues is pretty-much at the user's discretion.

Again -- Outlook does this. It's a great feature. Highly recommended.


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