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Admin client needs a function to Move a database to a different directory ON THE SAME SERVER 
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: David Hablewitz15237 06 May 2010
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The Move Database function in the Admin client is intended to move a database from one server to another.  A more common need is to move it to a different directory on the same server.  The Move function is not safe for this because it creates a second replica to do it.  Once upon a time this could be done at the OS level (first do a dbcache flush), but with Domino 8.5.1 and with Win Server 2008 that can cause semaphore locks and even crash the server.  Not to mention it won't work with transaction logging  or DAOS.
The workaround is to create a replica of the database on your client or on another server, delete the original, then create the new replica in the new target directory.  This obviously has many drawbacks.
Even better would be to allow drag and drop of a database from one location to another (then prompt to confirm).  Then extend this to allow dragging and dropping to another server to create a new replica on the target server.

1) Oliver Regelmann4949 (07 May 2010)
"with Domino 8.5.1 and with Win Server 2008 that can cause semaphore locks and even crash the server. Not to mention it won't work with transaction logging or DAOS."

I know servers with at least four replicas of a database and never had issues with it. Also not with moving databases with the admin client on the same server. Do you have any source or technotes regarding this problem?
2) Peter Presnell26659 (08 May 2010)
I have lost track of how many times I have wanted to do this but have been unable to do so. A classic case for this is when employees leave a company and you wish to move the mail file into a separate alumni folder.
3) David Hablewitz15237 (14 Jun 2010)
I should add that this would just as easily allow changing the file name even if not being moved to another directory.
4) Philip Storry849 (21 Jun 2010)
The "move" function should also offer to leave a redirect file, so that clients are informed and can update accordingly.
5) Ralph Borcherds547 (13 Jan 2011)
I have used the move function on databases to be moved from one folder to another and also change the name. I have not tried it with DAOS or Archival TL but with Circular TL I have and it worked just fine.

The way I do it select the database(s) in question
Select Move in the Admin client
Select the same server name in the list of servers click the add button
select each database on the right side and modify the directory and file name if needed. This is the most time consuming part. If you select multiple items you can change the folder structure on all of them at the same time. You do have to have the correct spelling for existing folder structures. To change the file names you have to edit those one by one.

redirect is not needed since it is the same replica ID on the same server. The server will auto find the new location. When a database is opened from the client it is done by ReplicaID so that is not an issue. Test it out. I have never had an issue. Just make sure you approve the delete replica request in Adminp ASAP. I like to do these moves at night when the users are less likely to be working.

If this process can be made smoother then I am for the update such as a special move option where you select the files and say MOVE TO NEW FOLDER and the you select the new folder from a drop down list. To change the file names I am not sure the best way for that besides what I described above.
6) David Hablewitz15237 (13 Jan 2011)
Yes, it works most of the time, but it is not supported and the documentation explicitly states not to do it. Even if all it takes is officially declaring it as supported, I'm OK with that. But currently it is not.
7) Bill Malchisky9254 (08 Feb 2011)
Caching can be an issue here as well. Not always graceful. If you do the supported option--stop Domino, move file at OS level, start Domino--you have an outage, can take a week or two to get change management approval, just for starters.

A simple task that should be included.
8) Tinus Riyanto2900 (09 Oct 2011)
Can we have this on the next version, pretty please ?


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