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: Peter Presnell28487 26 Aug 2009
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The view and form design elements are the single most used design elements within Notes.  Even with Xpages I expect it will be a long time before it gets even close to have the same level of adoption/use.  For the next major release of Notes (9.0?) I would like to see an effort to significantly enhance the view control to make it competitive with what other development platforms provide for similar concepts.  Adding this control to an Xpage for Notes client would help with consistency and ensure the development effort could be shared across Notes Classic and XPage development.  here are some of the ideas I think would help make a view control more powerful:-
  1. Allow a view to display with field values on separate lines (extending what can now be done with Java views but not requiring CA).  Use of a subform to specify the layouty would perhaps be the most flexible.
  2. Allow the current row to be highligted ina different background color (or styled)
  3. Support for Themes/CSS
  4. Add a filter capability for coiumns not unlike the filters that Excel provide.  This would potentially incorporate the ability to select single/multiple categories.
  5. Add a programmable action (@Command, LS, Java) that allows a single category to be displayed withouit the need for am embedded view or the use of @SetViewInfo which both have a number of issues.
  6. Support dynamic categorization.  Similar to dynamic sorts except that I can now have my view categorize (or not) any of the columns that have dynamic sort added.  Existing Categories can be uncategorized and sortable columns can be categorized.  This would also help with issues searching categorized views.
  7. Make a tabbed navigator similar to the one available with Java views so that I cxn display just those view entries starting with a specific character.
  8. Support expand/collapse of views to a specific level of categorization (e.g Collapse view to two levels of categorization).
  9. Allow a catgroy header/footer to be specificed that allow me to add additional data at the category level and not just the category value itself.
  10. Allow greater options to format columns e.g. (###) ###-#### for US phone numbers
  11. Allow the sort order for a column to be other than alphabetical/date by allowing me to define the seuqnce of values without having to define hidden columns.
  12. Provide the option to scroll through the view using either the current scroll bar or a paging structure similar to XPages.
  13. Enhance the view export options to do most of the things most Notes developers have had to write an Export utility for (E.g. Expport to Excele, PDF, XML)
  14. Allow some capability for limited joins of data held in two (or more) views.  If necessary support @DBLookup much like Xpages now does.
  15. Expand the in-line edit capabilities to include the option of having a subform that displays inline whenever a record is edited ina  view.  This will allow me to have multiple lines and place much of the field validation etc.

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