Work with attachments in LotusScript without detaching 
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: Slawek Rogulski9372 29 Nov 2007
: / Email
Especially when I have an XML type attachment or some text attachment I would like to be able to work with it directly inside script. I don't want to have to detatch the attachment. If I process some XML and end up changing it I woud like to be able to persist those changes to the attachment.
I am not excluding binary attachments.

1) Ben Langhinrichs7382 (29 Nov 2007)
I do this in my products, and it is very powerful. It would be an excellent addition to the core product, probably as a Stream type object.
2) Patrick Lambourne687 (29 Nov 2007)
I think this has been implemented with Java agents in Notes/Domino - it will automatically convert an attachment into a stream and allow processing. I think that behind the scenes a temporary file is saved and then deleted after the processing has finished.
3) Slawek Rogulski9372 (29 Nov 2007)
It would be better if the temporary file was not created. Then you don't need permissions to use the file system. Might also be faster.
4) Ben Langhinrichs7382 (29 Nov 2007)
I do it without a temporary file, and it isn't that difficult (I did it for the reasons Slawek mentioned). I have no idea whether the Java agents really use a temp file or not.
5) Slawek Rogulski9372 (29 Nov 2007)
Ben, your products rock!
6) Patrick Lambourne687 (29 Nov 2007)
from Notes 7 designer help:

Reader property

Read-only. Contents of an EmbeddedObject, Item, or MIMEEntity object in the form of a object.

Note This property is new with Release 5.0.3.
Defined in
EmbeddedObject, Item, MIMEEntity

EmbeddedObject.getReader creates a temporary file. The file is deleted when EmbeddedObject is recycled.
7) Ben Langhinrichs7382 (07 Dec 2007)
The problem is that the server may have the right to write temporary files but not delete them. It sounds crazy, but the original reason I started writing code to handle all files in memory was that our CoexLinks software was run on mail servers where there was no expectation of temporary files, and some customers would up with hundreds of thousands of temporary files we created which we could not delete. I'll never willingly make that mistake again, so I use memory only files if at all possible. It has made many things easier, and it definitely should work that way in the native product.
8) Stephen McCulloch624 (10 Nov 2010)
{ Link }

Adel Habib brilliantly shows how to do this using Java. It seems absurd that this functionality is available in Java but not in LotusScript.


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