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Allow Java(Doc) style comments in LotusScript editor 
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: Harkpabst Meliantrop3248 12 Feb 2008
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LotusScript.doc is a great achievement and has been of enormous help for me in the past.
The only one thing that bugs me, is the need to add the additional LotusScript comments. This is annoying, even if you use the cool toolbar icons provided with the product. While I don't necessarily propose, that IBM should include LoutsScript.doc in Designer (it works OK as a 3rd party tool), I would like to see the LS editor to accept JavaDoc style comments directly.
This would make adding comments a lot easier and might also make it easier to parse the comments. Since /** and */ don't have any special meaning in LotusScript yet, I don't see any serious problems with backwards compatibility. 
Of course, there is no reason to restrict this to JavaDoc style comments. It would be nice, if the general Java comment syntax could be supported.

1) Axel Janssen5023 (13 Feb 2008)
I don't care much if comments are started with ' %rem, //, /** or whatever sequence of characters. We use LS.doc here and from my opinion the good thing about it, is that people use a suprising consistent style to comment their code. I don't even know how to create the html-files with LotusScript.doc. The consistency it brings to the style to comment is far more important.
Therefor as a community we should adopt LotusScript.doc style commenting as a de facto standard possibly with some IBM backing. And tell people that comments should be a) short b) short c) short d) concise and e) allways updated.
2) Harkpabst Meliantrop3248 (13 Feb 2008)
I don't care about the actual comment character as well. But being forced to nest different comment styles is cumbersome, I don't see, why this burden shouldn't be lowered.
And I have seen those people complaining on Notes.net, that they might start to use LotusScript.doc, but took the clunky syntax as an excuse not to. Don't forget: Except for their latest favorite toy, programmers are lazy.
3) Axel Janssen5023 (13 Feb 2008)
This has cleared my doubts. I will change voting to agree. The syntax is indeed too clunky.


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