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Getdocumentbykey should work using programmable sorted columns 
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: getdocumentbykey, getalldocumentsbykey, sort, columns
: Suchitra Swain260 22 Mar 2011
: / Email
It would be great to find document not only with first column as sorted. We should be able to programmatic sort any column and get the document using lotus script (getdocumentbykey, getalldocumentsbykey, getallentries etc)
This would allow the developers to build a single view with different key colums and use lotusscript to find the document. As of now we create different views for different keys. 

1) Dave Navarre339 (09 Jun 2011)
I wonder how much overhead on re-indexing a view would be required if you were allowed to select which sorted column to use for the "Get". I think it would do wonders to reduce the number of views used in databases, but might have a terrible performance impact.
2) Suchitra Swain260 (14 Jun 2011)
I do understand there could be impact on performance, but it should be designed by IBM in such a way so as to have less impact on performance. As you said it would really help in reducing number of views.
3) Dave Navarre339 (14 Jun 2011)
You make a trade-off on performance between a single index for the view or multiple indexes, just as you currently do for views for which you have "Click on column header to sort". I'm wondering if allowing this would just be a matter of programmically accessing those alternate sorts....
4) Suchitra Swain260 (16 Jun 2011)
Yes as said, currently the users do have option to sort a view on any column provided they have the option of clicking on column header to sort. It is just allowing to access the view using the same way through program.
5) Pantelis Botsas76 (20 Jul 2011)
Or at least to use a wildcards in the parameters array like:

.GetAllDocumentsByKey({"value1", "*", "???ue2"})

Even a new method (that automatically resorts for this particular call) could help us, like:

.GetAllDocumentsByColumnKey(Column, "value1")
6) Mike Woolsey5040 (15 Mar 2014)
With 8.5 NotesView.ResortView starts to address a bit of this, allowing code to sort by any sortable column to locate docs in it.
7) Starrow Pan4716 (07 Dec 2014)
This greatly helpful method is finally added in 8.5 as Mike pointed out -- NotesView.ResortView
The capability of finding documents according to any assorted column has always been there in UI. The method just brings it to the surface for programmers.


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