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: Josep Alemany Fruitos1212 27 Nov 2007
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A lot of frameworks are appearing: Ext, Dojo, etc...

With this developing environments, we can do more rich web applications.

I propose to select the best one as standard and include it as default.

We need web 2.0 applications now

1) James Summerton1546 (27 Nov 2007)
I have voted demote because...

I think the fact that there are so many options out there for JavaScript frameworks and new ones seemingly appearing all the time all with at least slightly different featuresets, locking in a standard one would be restrictive and people in the end would just use what they want too.
2) Thomas Bahn4937 (27 Nov 2007)
If IBM would include a JavaScript framework, it would be outdated by far, when a Notes release comes out - rember the JVM versions! But being one or two Java versions behind is nothing in comparison with outdated JavaScript frameworks. Or would you voluntarily work with a JavaScript framework from 2005 now?

If IBM would chose a framework, they would probably decide for Dojo (because of OpenAjax).
3) Matt White13605 (27 Nov 2007)
My understanding is that Dojo is the "preferred" framework simply because IBM is involved in Dojo development. That being said I'd hate to be forced down one route when each framework is suited to different requirements. For example I've worked on three major applications this year (of which Idea Jam is one) and have used MooTools, Dojo and Prototype / Scriptaculous. Each was used for very specific reasons and each was relatively simple to get going in Domino.

Now maybe what is needed is a set of articles on how to integrate the major frameworks into Domino. And also a website where you can download an nsf that has each framework pre-imported as file design elements.
4) Scott Cochrane1847 (27 Nov 2007)
I think that if IBM provided a standard framework this would be good. However it should be loosely coupled (terrible term but you know what I mean) so that using a different framework is possible. I certainly wouldn't want to be stuck with one framework - basically if Domino rendered the html such that it played better with a JS framework this would be good. If I could vote 'maybe' I would, so in principle yes - it would depend very much on the implementation.


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