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: Paul Davies13558 06 Dec 2007
: / Email
  • split table option
  • ability to delete rows without having to split merged cells first (JFDI!)
  • column widths to be what I want them to be and to stick to it!
  • hidden columns
  • different properties dialog for tables that stays open (properties enhancements in general as per other ideas)  or at least the property selection to stay on Tables rather than switching to Text
  • hidden rows that don't hide the bottom border of the row above, or top border of the row below.
  • draggable row height (with a vertical ruler!!)
  • if a row is inserted into a table with merged vertical cells, then the new row should have a choice of whether to take on the attributes of the row above, and not force to the attributes of the row below. 
  • new rows to maintain other attributes (text colour, margins etc)

also these ideas...


I'm sure there are many more table gripes that I can't think of right now or that you will add as comments!


1) Martin Vereecken1895 (06 Dec 2007)
Some good points here! Meanwhile this might help with the borders issues: { Link }
2) Ben Langhinrichs7382 (06 Dec 2007)
Just as an aside, Paul, you can create links to ideas with names rather than just URLs. You might want to edit your post so we don't have to follow each link to find out what it is. Otherwise, great Idea!
3) Patrick Kwinten21314 (06 Dec 2007)
i would like to be able to assign a class for my column header
4) Craig Wiseman24988 (06 Dec 2007)
It's ocurred to me that I'm pretty much automatically going to promote just about any idea that includes the words "fix/enhance/improve" and "tables"
5) David Camara1093 (06 Dec 2007)
I don't think I'd want a separate properties box, that might be confusing. otherwise yes, yes, yes and yes.
6) Paul Davies13558 (07 Dec 2007)
re: @5 David - my main gripe is that when working with tables, that cliking between one table and another, is that the properties box switches to text properties, and I have to switch it back to Table properties
7) Paul Davies13558 (07 Dec 2007)
re: @2 - have done!
8) Les Zatony1253 (07 Dec 2007)
I would like to throw in a couple of quick ones here: Be able to identify a row as a header row so that it would print on the next page when a table breaks across pages (and yes, I'll promote any idea that includes improved printing). I also would like to see improved printing when a row contains more than a page worth of data.
9) Claire Thibodeau82 (13 Dec 2007)
I hate that I can only define cell widths in % or inches - why not pixels or, better yet, ems?
10) Claire Thibodeau82 (13 Dec 2007)
I think I might have less trouble with tables if the interface for setting the properties was less confusing. The main tab shows what the current size is, but you have to go to an inner tab - the table margins - to actually set it. Oh, and if you don't have the right setting (fixed width), then you have to go back to the main tab to change that. So then you go back to the table margins (?) tab, and try to make the change there, but - is that for just this cell or for all the cells? And - then when you decide to pick "size to fit" - all bets are off!!!
It's soooooooooo confusing.
11) Patrick Kwinten21314 (17 Dec 2007)
forget to mention: assign classes directly to multiple td's at once
12) Michelle O'Rorke1352 (18 Dec 2007)
So far - 45 votes, 45 promotes. I think this says something about the state of tables in Notes. A big YES from me.
13) Alois Gruber1713 (17 Feb 2008)
maybe two more ideas:

- use the row name out of the properties dialog in HTML too
- add an option to show all rows at once when accessing via web, even when table is "tabbed" table or any other "show one row" table in Notes Client

this would ease the creation of client side tabbed tables in the browser without reloading.

Or IBM adds a browser-side javascript tabbed table as standard :-)
14) Adrian Randall235 (20 Sep 2008)
another idea:

- ability to specify a function key to allow movement between tabs on a table
15) Erik Brooks915 (05 Mar 2010)
XPages in 8.5/8.5.1 solve quite a few of these pain points. Should this be marked completed or broken up into smaller chunks?


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