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Replicate Mail Quota/Warning settings and Create a Report 
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: Domino Administrator / Admin Tools
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: Sandi Glazebrook858 26 Nov 2007
: / Email

When using quota/warnings once this is set it should replicate so that the change does not need to be modified on each replica.  Also, the ability to generate a report of replicas where the quota/warning setting are not in sync would be very helpful.

Currently, we use quotas/warning on our mail files and often we fine the the quota/warning setting from the primary to cluster copy do not match.  This causes issues if the quota is modified on one replica and not the other as the file continues to grow on the primary copy but cannot replicate to the cluster copy because the quota is exceeded.  Yes, I said when the quota is exceeded, this is because we allow users to continue to receive e-mail even with their quota is exceeded (because we do not want any client messages rejected due to a users negligence in managing their mail file).  Even though they can receive new mail a user cannot save a copy of any e-mai lthey send until their mail file is trimmed below quota.

When the quota is exceeded this creates another issue in that the primary/cluster are not able to stay in sync as once the quota is exceeded replication can no longer take place (but that is a whole separate issue).  But we often find that the primary copy quota/warning was increased but not the cluster copy thereby further exasterbating the problem.


1) Bill Malchisky9254 (26 Nov 2007)
I can see scenarios where one may want them to be out-of-sync. But in the situation you described, it can be quite annoying for the end-users and the administrators alike. Perhaps a checkbox on the Quotas... dialog box that states,

"Enforce quota setting on all replicas",


"Enforce quota setting on all server replicas",
"Enforce quota setting even on local replicas",

might solve the problem. This would then invoke an AdminP task, and check servers for replicas and set accordingly.
2) Peter Moline1403 (03 Dec 2007)
@1 - agree - this is better than the original suggestion.
3) Jean-Yves Riverin371 (04 Apr 2008)
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4) David Hablewitz15242 (11 Jan 2011)
There is no way to change, add, or remove a quota on a local database except to delete it and create a new replica from the server. That is a problem.


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