Run Agent More Than Once a Day at XX Minutes Past the Hour 
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: Domino Designer
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: Corey Davis2837 10 Dec 2007
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Currently when agents are scheduled to run more than once per day every 1 hour, for example, they will run based on the last time that the agent ran which is dependant on when agent manager is launched in Domino.  For example, if the server comes up and loads Amgr at 12:24, your agent will run at 12:24, 1:24, 2:24, etc.  This can make it difficult to schedule agents to run that are dependant on other agents running without chaining agents with NotesAgent.Run in the code which is not always preferable.  Therefore, I would like to add one more option to the Run Agents More Than Once a Day dialogue box that allows us to specify at how many minutes past the hour the agent should run.  For example, you would be able to schedule agents to run at 15 minutes past the hour every hour.
Note: even though I did not include it on the screeshot, there would need to be a checkbox that forces you to enable this option just like there is for the Start Running Agent On This Date field.  I am NOT suggesting a change to the default way agents are scheduled!

1) Harkpabst Meliantrop3799 (10 Dec 2007)
Exact agent execution times are not guaranteed anyway. Unless this would change, this addition would not make too much sense, I think.
2) Corey Davis2837 (12 Dec 2007)
I think it makes about as much sense as being able to tell an agent to run at 2:00am every day. While agent execution times are not exact due to many factors, they do not have to be for this idea to work. I suppose it would have been better if I had said "put agents in the queue at XX minutes past the hour", but that is not the terminology that IBM uses. I would expect that if agent A is set to run at 15 minutes past the hour every hour that it would get no more preferential treatment that any other agent and would run when agent manager is able to, even if that isn't until much later. The point is to be able to run agents one after the other while at the same time allowing them to run multiple times a day without restoring to calling or chaining agents from LotusScript.


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