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Make all the UIs independent threads 
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: chris boote909 21 Nov 2008
: / Email
All five 'clients' (Admin, Designer, Client, Debugger & properties box) should have their own threads and be independent of each other
That way I can look at the client or the designer when in debug mode
Or I can ALT-TAB from client to designer without having to close the properties box first
Or if the Admin client is taking forever to open a server I can still use the Client

1) Paul Davies12381 (21 Nov 2008)
and be able to open any client more than once
2) Starrow Pan4716 (24 Nov 2008)
I remember reading that in R8 designer and notes are in different process and won't bother each other.
3) Ben Poole1705 (24 Nov 2008)
I don't believe this is in ND8. Thread independence is one of those things that people have been clamouring for since the year dot. It means a fundamental re-write of a lot of code, but has to happen someday, surely??
4) chris boote909 (02 Dec 2008)
It's certainly NOT in ND8
Try running an agent in the client and then trying to use the Design client
5) Scott Leis1460 (04 Dec 2008)
I'm not sure about the properties box being completely independent. I think a properties box opened in any particular client would have to be tied to that client.
Otherwise, I definitely want this idea to become reality.
6) Nathan Chandler1493 (04 Dec 2008)
I want to go a step further and be able to switch to an open email when I have the ACL Dialog open. I am constantly having to refer to an emailed list of names to add to an ACL which means I can add a couple, then save the ACL, refer to the email, open the ACL again... you get the idea.
7) Ove Størholt581 (09 Dec 2008)
One should thing that Eclipse specific components (read: sidebar components) would run in their own thread, but no!
Any dialog (like "File - Open - Lotus Notes Application") would prevent me from continuing my chat until the dialog is closed.
8) Leo L'Homme52 (12 Dec 2008)
While you are at it...

The embedded Sametime client desperately needs to run in it's own thread. One of the biggest annoyances in the world is be doing something that ties up your client.... something like... making a replica.... and to have messages popping up in a window that you may or may not be able to get focus on.... and if you do get focus, you get no cursor indicating that you have focus... so you just have to click on the IM window and hope that you can type into it...

Sometimes you can... sometimes you can't... even though the window indicates that the window you are typing in should have the current focus of the system...


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