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add a grid view design element 
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: Slawek Rogulski8874 16 Nov 2007
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I am thinking of your stock standard grid view control/widget. In Notes this design element could be used for displaying and editing multiple documents. So instead of embedding a catgegorized view showing only one of the categories this element could do the same but also allow easy editing of the documents, creating new documents and deleting existing documents; or should I say rows. I would also like this element to display and edit XML that could be stored in one of the fields on the document, or on another document, or retrieved from an ODBC data source. Now that DB2 is part of the picture I woud also like to be able to show data from DB2 in this element.
Naturally, I would like multiple such elements to be usable on one form.
The grid should have vertical and horizontal scrolling, sortable columns (in case of data coming from a category of a view field names could be used as default column names). It needs to be able to take up 100% (or less) of the hight and width of the container it's in, including table cells.
I may also want to join two or more data sets and then display in the grid. This functionality does not need to be part of the grid per se.

1) Wayne Sobers895 (21 Nov 2007)
Invoices, purchase orders, sales orders quotes- these are the most popular documents in business at any level - and it should be *easy* to create this style of document in notes
2) Werner Götz757 (24 Nov 2007)
I think most people do not know what a grid view control is and what would be possible in Notes with a grid view control... Otherwise your idea would be one of the top ideas. I have a workaround by using the "show multi values as seperate lines" property in standard Notes views - but your solution would a real solution.
3) Slawek Rogulski8874 (24 Nov 2007)
Werner, you could be right. A control like this is something that I could have used on countless occasions. I suspect that it is a bit of a foreign concept in a collaborative document based world but with the XML storage it would be a natural extension to bring in that little bit (or not just a bit) of structure when it is needed. In light of this I should have been more descriptive. Then again maybe most people work mostly on systems that do not need such functionality. Then again if they had that functionality their scope of work might increase. I mean look what categorized embedded views enabled. This would be the next step.

Your solution is something I have considered but because a display does not correspond to the backend storage it is not possible to select the specific record and have just that specific record opened for editing. There is just no way to tell which line of the view you are in unless you have an editable view and then do some leg work to figure out which record the value you have put in edit mode might belong to. Might because it is not full proof.
4) Werner Götz757 (26 Nov 2007)
Slawek, it is possible with a "trick". Send me (wg@wg-itc.de) your email-addres and I will send you an example.
5) Slawek Rogulski8874 (26 Nov 2007)
I tried emailing you but my email was returned with fatal errors. perhaps you can send me an email of you don't mind to slawek(@)zip(.)com(.)au Naturally, remove the braces.
6) Ed Maloney59 (18 Dec 2007)
Virtually every other IDE has this feature and it is sorely missed in Designer.
7) Robert Ibsen Voith4084 (28 Feb 2008)
I couldn't agree more! I was in fact just about to add a wish for a grid, when I saw that the tag "grid" was registered by you here in ideaJam! Remember that the word "grid" often kind of intimidates end-users, so we'd better call something else like "view" :-).


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