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Make refresh on keyword change drive specific fields 
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: Scott Cochrane1949 22 Aug 2008
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Lotus Notes designer is good .. you can get stuff done way quicker due to all the options you have .. often just a check box.  The down side is that sometimes you lose that bit of flexibility.
Like when you want to refresh fields on keyword change .. great when you the users has made once choice and this needs to drive another choice.  But sometime I don't want to have to refresh ALL the fields on the form. Now I know that for keyword fields you can choose to refresh the choices on document refresh or not.
But wouldn't it be nicer if on the "keyword change" property of a field you could specify the precise fields that ought to be refreshed - be it a computed field or the choices in another editable keyword field?
Almost feel like I'm nit picking a wee bit .. but what do you think?

1) chris boote909 (20 Nov 2008)
Firstly, you could do this using the Input Translation
Secondly, do you realise how much of a pain this would be to debug?
Having to look at the properties of every field to find out why one field didn't recalculate? Yuk!
2) Scott Cochrane1949 (20 Nov 2008)
Hi Chris,

I was thinking that the typical use case for this is when you choose an option on Field A that then drives field B. A pretty common occurence.

And yes if used extensively on a form debugging would be a problem .. although in the situation I describe the fields are almost always next to each other. That said debugging usually gets harder as more flexibility is introduced but does that make the idea bad? If is was easy we wouldn't have a job, would we?!

And maybe I'm having a stupid moment but I can't see how you would do this with Input Translation - I guess you could update anothe computed field but you couldn't drive the choices on a specific keyword field - not without some messy solution. Suggestions welcome.

3) chris boote909 (02 Dec 2008)
Set the onchange on field A to refresh field B (whose translation formula then uses the value in field A), use that field to populate the options for field C
4) Eva Leclerc16 (05 Dec 2008)
Or have a lotusscript method to refresh a specific field. I agree that there are times when all you want to do is refresh one or two fields not the whole document.


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