Welcome Page should be completely policy control-able 
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: Craig Wiseman24988 24 Jan 2008
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You should via policy be able to completely control what application is shown when logging into Notes. This was traditionally called the Welcome Page.

Example 1: When  users in the '*/Bob Costas Who?' OU start notes, it should display the frameset "CMA Welcome" from the local database CMA.nsf, rep ID 1322134132:23414321.

Example 2: When users in the */Neil Armstrong Rocks OU start notes, it should display the frameset "CMA Welcome" from the server-based database CMAserver.nsf, rep ID 324091283:32140198324

1) Gregg Bendtsen58 (08 Mar 2008)
I thought this is already a Policies Setting document configuration. What am I missing here? On a Policies Settings document: Bsics tab, Homepage/Welcome Page Options
2) Bruce Elgort12550 (08 Mar 2008)
Can somebody confirm Gregg's finding? If so we can mark this idea as Completed.
3) Urs Meli3587 (25 Mar 2008)
Hi Greeg, this is just for Databases based on Bookmark.ntf with kind of limited design capabilities and is limited to about 9 or 10 homepages.
4) Roland Reddekop4539 (30 Aug 2008)
@1 and 2 - The current policy setting for setting the homepage have severe limitations. This idea is not completed.
5) Klavs Olesen85 (27 Aug 2009)
I absolutely agree: This idea is far from completed.
The Desktop Settings policy currently does not allow us to control which replica of a database is opened (so a user in US may accidentially open a slow replica in China). The policy also requires us to select a specific view to open (it should also allow us to specify framesets, pages etc - and "use default database launch property").

The policy system is probably not that easy to make changes to for IBM. But if they could only give us a way to programmatically control the "Home Page" parameter (<server><db id><design element id>, where <server> must be the "first try"), then we would be fine! But we can not even Read this parameter programmatically...

So IBM: Please give us programmatical access to the "Home Page" parameter. It would enable us to make sure that Notes present itself as well as possible to our users. A win-win, right ?


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