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Set Selection for Embedded views when they are embedded 
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: Paul Davies12381 17 Apr 2009
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A possible solution to overcoming the problems associated with embedded views and not being able to sort the columns etc could be to set the selection criteria for the view at runtime - e.g. as a property of the embedded View object and not at the View level itself. This would take precedence over any selection criteria already set at the view level

This way, 'Show single Category' does not need to be used, and you are left with a standard view which can be sorted via column headers etc.

I appreciate that this causes an indexing issue at runtime, but I'm sure it is achievable.

It would mean that you could set a selection criteria such as ...

View Selection = {SELECT Form="Contacts" & ParentCompanyID = "} + CompanyID + {"} where CompanyID is a field at document level

Other linked idea: http://ideajam.net/IdeaJam/P/ij.nsf/0/865DF2C0952B6EC7862573C6006DD35E?OpenDocument

1) Peter Presnell26659 (13 Sep 2009)
This seems to defy the concept of views. A set formula is defined and the system prebuilds the view based upon that formula so that the view contents can be displayed quickly. Any change to the view formula affects everyone also who uses that view unless it is a shared, private on first use view.

I would see what is being suggested as being more like a datagrid in which the rows to be displayed are determined at run-time by executing a query against either the database or an existing view index. The query would be specific to that one request.
2) Paul Davies12381 (09 Oct 2009)
Peter - yes that would be adequate - I just want the ability to display a matrix of data based on a dynamic selection criteria.

I also lean towards the thinking that 'views' could be split into standard views (as curernt) and as purely embedded views so that they could use a different structure/indexing.

I very rarely use the same view as amain view and an embedded view as I tend to format them quite differently

pure embedded views could then have properties that describe their embedded circumstance and be able to properly interact with the host document or page they are in
3) Bas van Gestel2808 (04 Jan 2011)
I agree with Peter that this would break the idea of having an indexed view.

An option to sort a column within a category would be great for normal views and would also resolve the embedded view index. So that seems to me te be the right way to look into.


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