Ability to mark a field as required without having to code 
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: Bruce Elgort12540 21 Dec 2007
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Provide the ability to check off a box on the field properties box that indicates that the field is required.  Also provide a UI clue that the field is in fact required.  See screenshot.

1) Julian Robichaux941 (21 Dec 2007)
Fantastic idea. I just posted some code to OpenNTF that should make field validation a little bit easier, but a simple checkbox would be ideal:
{ Link }
2) Werner Götz1271 (21 Dec 2007)
But then there has to be an optional formula "mandatory if" where we can fill in a condition.
Otherwise you would have "static mandatory field" which are marked in a standard way and other "conditionally mandatory fields" which are not marked in this way.
3) Patrick Kwinten21314 (21 Dec 2007)
I do not like the idea of making it visible if a field is mandatory, I would consider it messing presentation and behaviour...
4) Jess Stratton1270 (21 Dec 2007)
A form property of "Provide visible notification for required fields" could be a happy medium?
5) Charles Robinson8913 (21 Dec 2007)
@3 - So how do you propose to let end users know what is required? Wait until they submit the form for validation? That's annoying and I hate forms that do that.
6) Thomas Bahn4937 (21 Dec 2007)
How would you control the visual representation of "is mandatory?"
Placement, icon, preconditions...
7) Michelle O'Rorke1352 (23 Dec 2007)
Lotus Forms allows you to designate a field as mandatory, and highlights the field by changing the color of the field when you tab into it. The colour is a form level property.

I would like to see the form property of 'Indicate mandatory fields with: ' and a radio choice of Color/Image. If you select colour, you can set it to something other than the default. If you select image, choose an image resource and placement (left or right of the field).
8) Theo Heselmans9557 (23 Dec 2007)
Why not have the checkbox linked to a css class 'Required'. This way each developer can define per database the way a required field needs to present itself. I personally prefer a 'darker' background.
9) Tom Oneil2358 (03 Jan 2008)
I'm of the opinion that there are too many conditions for when a field is required. Even though this option would be great it would be hardly used.
10) Sjef Bosman2112 (16 Jan 2008)
And how about an autotrim option? In almost every field I put @Trim(@ThisValue)
11) Starrow Pan5103 (21 Feb 2008)
It's not a flexible way to configure mandatory field this way.
I like the idea of independent field validator, a good example is the various validator classes available in .Net development.
12) Frank Strunzkus350 (17 Mar 2009)
I really like this visualisation, but the it shoud be a scriptable field property, because fields are sometimes depend on other fields. e.g. if staus = draft field is not required, if status = new field should be mandatory.
13) Bruce Elgort12540 (07 Apr 2009)
Great feedback on this idea. Thanks everybody for your comments.
14) Gerrit Schut217 (22 Feb 2010)
It would certainly also fit in the OneUI principle if there would be consistent way of marking mandatory fields. That way, it's clear for the user what to expect.

For the validation: Have a look here: { Link }
I came across this web site that provides a nice validation that integrates quite easily with Web-only forms in Domino. This integrated into Notes _seems_ not that difficult and would make all our lives a lot easier.


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