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Designer Task to refresh from selected templates only 
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: Domino Administrator / Admin Tools
: templates, designer task, design inheritance
: Lauri Laanti346 30 Jan 2009
: / Email
When running the Designer task manually, we should be able to limit design to refresh from selected template only. Currently you can limit by filename, directory, or by separate list file. Command could be something like this:
load design -d mail -t dwa7
this would refresh only those database files in directory /mail which inherit design from template 'dwa7'.
Granted, you can do this by creating manually a file listing all the databases inheriting from said template and using the -i option, but this is cumbersome & error prone.

1) Nathan Chandler1493 (03 Feb 2009)
Could the Convert task do the same thing?

load convert <Mail file path> dwa7 dwa7.ntf
2) Lauri Laanti346 (04 Feb 2009)
I think Convert converts all .nsf files in a directory (or text file); my idea would be to limit files by template name. You could update e.g. all databases on a server that inherit design from Agent Log template.
3) Nathan Chandler1493 (05 Feb 2009)
Convert can accept parameters to tell it to only convert databases that have a particular template association. Type l convert -? at your server console to get a full list of parameters that it accepts.

In the example above I'm saying:

Convert <files in mail\> <where current template is dwa7> <to use the template dwa7.ntf>

Since it's the same template no changes should happen - in theory.
4) Lauri Laanti346 (06 Feb 2009)
I tested the Convert approach and it seems to work. The only (small) problem with it is that it does design replace instead of refresh.

Thanks for the tip!
5) Niel Revelle203 (11 Feb 2009)
Good tip, but I think the -t option would be helpful. I'd also like to see the ability to do sub directories when you use the -d option.


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