Toolbar buttons for mail Recall and Encrypt 
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: Notes Client / Mail
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: Varaprasada Rao A193 03 Jun 2013
: / Email
Please create a tool bar Icons for Mail / Message recall and email encrypt.
These icons should be displayed when composing a mail (Encrypt) or when user opens a mail which was already sent (Recall).

1) Christopher Boote10606 (03 Jun 2013)
First one is already there;
Delivery options - has so much more than just 'encrypt'
Second one...
You CAN'T recall an email that's gone out from your server
So that would mean this button would have to check if the mail is still in your own or in your server's and not display if it can't find it
Not really that good
2) Mathieu Pape8090 (03 Jun 2013)
Agree with Christopher...
3) Tinus Riyanto2825 (21 Jun 2013)
Not sure why you would want another toolbar for this when there is a button that does this, even if you have to go to your sent view to do this.
4) David Hablewitz15116 (29 Jul 2013)
Christopher, not exactly. Yes, you can click on delivery options and then pick it from there, but that is several clicks away. Not really convenient. However, you CAN have these check boxes right there in the header of the message as you compose it. First, start composing a message. Then click on the action button "Display" and select "Additional Mail Options". (see attached screen shot.) Voila', now the options for High importance, return receipt, sign, encrypt, and mark subject confidential appear as check boxes just above the To field and they will continue to be displayed when composing messages in the future.

If you want to recall a message, I agree there should be a way to recall a message in some manner other than from the sent view. You should be able to do it while viewing the message. However there is a quick way to get to the message in the sent view if you are already looking at in a folder. Hold the Ctrl key when you click on the Sent folder and it will open the sent folder to the same document as is highlighted in the current folder.


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