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: Zoltan Szabo4849 06 Dec 2012
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Hi All,
do You think it would be usefull to add a Formula library? Like Script Library, it can contain user defined codes writen in Formula language. There are shared actions, but formulas can be used by many other design elements.
Functions could be called by it's name or, there can be a spcial @Function to call, like: @CallFunction("MyFunction")

1) Peter von Stöckel5721 (06 Dec 2012)
If your formula gets complex enough to require a Formula Library, then maybe you should use LS or Java instead?

2) Dan King2709 (06 Dec 2012)
Look at @Eval as well. Not quite as simple as a script library but you can look up formulas or use a (shared) field on a form to store your formula and evaluate it when you want
3) Erwin Heeren1436 (07 Dec 2012)
I agree with Peter.
4) Vlad Sh10679 (07 Dec 2012)
I do not agree that we should move to LS or Java. Sometimes it is the context that is not executed in LS or Java or no flexibility. And the Shared Fields is not the answer, it is sometimes useful to get the text of the formula or formulas parts for the generation of the formula for db.Serch, etc.
The eigenfunctions can be used in the Shared fields, Shared columns, and so on.
Great idea! I voted for. This long is not enough.
5) Tinus Riyanto2825 (08 Jan 2013)
I slightly disagree with Vlad in that the context is making formula sharing difficult. This is due to the part that there is no functionality to pass input parameter to it, though it is possible to make it return a value. I understand that there are cases where a formula can have generic context (like in search formula) but most time it have a specific context.

In my opinion Vlad's example is a shared string, not shared formula since you use the actual "shared formula" and not the result of such formula.

So while I would like the benefit of "sharing" it I think that the implementation is too difficult.

Do correct me if I am wrong.
6) Christopher Boote10606 (26 Mar 2013)
I reproduce this using shared fields using known field inputs
E.g. Let's keep it simple. Say you have a formula for volume that handles empty fields;
Your shared field, Volume, fomula is
Then as long as your calling function does a @setfield on the four fields height,width,length,precision before calling the refresh, the shared field Volume

Now you can use Volume through out your form, setting fields, calculating, getting the value of Volume as often as neccesary
7) Bill Malchisky12192 (15 Oct 2013)
I am a big fan of @Formula efficiency. We did something similar at an investment bank where I worked. Was very popular with the dev team.

@6, I like your example too.


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