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: Peter Presnell28487 05 Feb 2010
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The biggest thing I miss with the new Eclipse help for Domino Designer is the presence of a detailed index that includes all the classes, methods, properties etc that are contained in the various languages.  I keep using the original NSF help because of this one feature.   Being able to type the first few characters of an @Function, LS statement, or Class is so much faster to locate the needed information.  Search provides too much rubbish and the table of contents take sofreveer to naigate to the correct page (if its there!).

1) Dan King2709 (08 Feb 2010)
This is my biggest issue with the new Designer tbh. And even if you search for an @function, click through tho the first option it's usually the xPages help, the search results list doesn't make it obvious.

For example, if I do a search for @text (as I need to recall the exact options), the relevant link is the fifth one on the list
2) Kendra Bowker1493 (08 Feb 2010)
Thanks for your post, Peter. I've pointed it out to the people who work on the Designer Help.
3) Rob Porter837 (08 Feb 2010)
I agree that in the "old" NSF help it's a lot easier to quickly find an @function or LotusScript class by typing the first few letters. True, in the new Eclipse help you can restrict the search scope but the scopes have to be set up manually (in my opinion the designer help should come with some preset scopes such as formula language, LotusScript, Java and Lotus Connectors for example) and you still have to sift through the search results to find what you want.
4) Bob Harwood53 (17 Feb 2010)
I am the ID lead for Domino Designer and just want to let customers know that we are aware of this problem and are trying to address it for a future release. A lot of the problem stems from the way Eclipse help handles indexing. To get ti right entails a lot of work on thousands of topics to get it up to par with the NSF type of indexing.

Also, please be aware that the Eclipse help is now the main vehicle for the help system and we are moving away from the NSF content once content is migrated to the correct format.
5) Bill Malchisky12192 (27 Feb 2010)
Also, the F1 option fails to provide assistance to where you are, instead, providing a generic page (e.g. "How to build a form" or "How to build a view").

To say this is irksome is being kind. If I am in the formula window of a hide-when box on a field, and I press F1, give me the help page for the line of code where I am working. You did this brilliantly all the way up till N8.5.
6) Lye Fong Chow77 (15 May 2010)
Yeah, I really miss the old NSF help. I work a lot more efficiently with that.


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