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Field DisplayName as RFC822 phrase on mail address 
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: Domino Server / Messaging router
: displayName, rfc822, phrase
: Enio Basso755 12 Nov 2007
: / Email
Create a Field "displayName" in Person Document, and enable to definy this field as phrase to RFC 822 in config Document.
When you send e-mail outside your Domain, your name goes like this:
"Enio Basso" <eniobasso@mycompany.com>
and i'd like to send like this
"My Company/IT - Enio Basso" <eniobasso@mycompany.com>
So i need to put in every Location on Notes Client.
In Server Today,  you can define in Config Document rfc822 phrase in Mime -> Advanced -> Advanced Outbound Message Options in Field RFC822 phrase handling the following options:
- Do not add phrase
- Use DN as phrase
- Use CN as phrase
- Remove phrase
- Use alt. name if available, otherwise DN
So if have on more option like "Use DisplayName as phrase", we could define this value in a Person Document.
Maybe extended this through internal route,too. :)

1) Sean Burgess5201 (12 Nov 2007)
So why not just use the Alternate Name?
2) Thomas Bahn3674 (13 Nov 2007)
I think, a field in the Configuration document - perhaps named "RFC822PhrasePattern" - would be better: It could contain a pattern for the phrase, which will be evaluated for each sender.

It could contain following placeholders:

For your case, the field contents could be
"My Company/IT - %CN%"

Your proposition requires, that in each and every Person document, the new field must be filled correctly. This adds to the process of creating new users. And you have to remember to change after a user's renaming!

{ Link }
3) Enio Basso755 (30 Nov 2007)

Because in Alternate Name you cannot put special characters like "/" used by Notes. The display name would be free of this issues.
4) Enio Basso755 (30 Nov 2007)

Very Good!!!

Thanks you for your improvement.


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