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Would like to set Policies based on Computer name 
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: Tomas Widin112 12 Feb 2010
: / Email
I would like to be able to put some settings on laptops and not on desktop computers. For example, creation a replica of the mail file. A dynamic group containing the computer name could resolve this.
There are surely other settings you would like to set based on computer name.

1) Paul Davies12381 (15 Feb 2010)
what if the computer name policy conflicts with the user policy? - this sounds confusing. We have directory groups that list desktop users and laptop users
2) guillaume s45 (15 Feb 2010)
We also need policies based on computer. If you only use group this doesn't work. A laptop user can be in the Laptop group and can log on a desktop and then create a local replica.

In my company we have more than 600 users using Notes on a Terminal server. Laptop users are also allowed to log in if they don't have their laptop. In that case it will replicate on the Terminal server.

I think we need this policy based on computer name. Then you can use it or not.
3) Oliver Regelmann4949 (17 Feb 2010)
I'd rather set this based on Location names instead of computer names.
4) Paul Davies12381 (17 Feb 2010)
Guillaume - based on your real-world example, I have reversed my vote, but I think the better solutions would be a policy based on an Active Directory container rather than the computer name itself
5) Bill Malchisky9254 (17 Feb 2010)
What I would prefer is to have an explicit or group policy with an added field for @platform here. The admin would create an authentication only group with platform names for reference. So, a laptop name group for authentication only and the policy document refers to that group entry --- via a picklist/listbox field --- which creates the linkage.

Then, if a machine type matches, you would be included for said fields. Wildcards would be accepted, so a "[TtHh][hHpP]*[0..9][0..9][a..z]" would capture all ThinkPad or HP laptops ending in two digits with a lowercase letter, and thus, saving the admin a lot of grief.

A lot of considerations would be needed to finalize the algorithm, particularly with how you handle splitting preferences across a desktop or non-desktop platform.

I am uncertain how you would introduce such a capability without eschewing the Notes security model or a major re-write, if you want to use Notes Names vs machine names grabbed by means of an outside directory. That can be a performance killer and provide security vulnerabilities, IMHO.


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