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: David Vasta2524 02 Nov 2007
: / Email
Did IBM do this just so you can annoy people with the ">' everywhere and to make it worse they give you and option in the preferences to change the charater. It's all pointless. RELPY and REPLY with HISTORY is fine.

1) David Vasta2524 (21 Nov 2007)
You all voted it down and gave no reason. Give me one good reason to keep it. It's taken out of 8 and should be gone for good. It makes no sense to keep it.
2) Corey Davis2837 (28 Nov 2007)
Perhaps they are voting it down because they use it? Or perhaps because this has been somewhat of a standard way to indicated replied to mail for years and not just in Notes.

Also, this feature was not removed from Notes 8.
3) David Vasta2524 (15 Dec 2007)
I did see it and don't see a need for it. It's one more thing we have to teach in class and answer silly questions about. No one has given me one good reason to keep it but they all seem to want to. I would like to hear one good reason to keep it around.

You have:

REPLY with History
Reply without Attachments

And you say you need one more thing to pick on top of the 3 others? What is this the Reply Buffet? You don't have enough replies already you need one more that is pointless and puts little ">" in front of everything so that no one will every try to copy and paste the text without havening to remove all the ">" all over the place.

>>>We don't need internet
>>>style replies in Lotus Notes.
>>>It's and enterprise level application.
>>>Not Thunderbird!
4) Uwe Brahm604 (03 Nov 2014)
I need it because we have a mixed environment. Here is what I need:
- (1) Let me as an admin make Internet Style history the default
when users simply clicking Reply or Reply to All or Forward
- (2) Let me as an admin have the signature put at the end and not at the beginning
when using this reply/forward style

The most brain dead feature is that the signature is put at the top and not at the end automatically.
Usually you cite the original email and comment with text right into the cited text, you really
need the signature at the end - not the beginning.

> some original text

my 2 cents

> some other original text

my other comments

My Signature at the end.

Internet Style always includes the signature at the end.
If IBM would listen to their users, they would have added that already.

I now see people not using Notes because they see a client that does not include
all the features they know from other tools like Thunderbird and Apple Mail.


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