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: Keith Brooks6439 05 Sep 2008
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We want to see a Blogger's Lounge, as many other large shows have now.
Perhaps part of the press area, but it's a place for us, and for others to come, meet, learn(we can schedule mini sessions) train, do interviews and of coursse blog.
Sponsorship is possible, and ancillary items are already being asked.
I await some answer from IBM on this, until then will keep investigating it on a private side.
In discussion with furniture company to provide green/ecological items for our benefit.
Any input is appreciated.

1) Paul Mooney2157 (08 Sep 2008)
I put my thoughts on this here

{ Link }
2) Keith Brooks6439 (09 Sep 2008)
Thanks Paul!
As I said in comments on Paul's blog, I am trying to work with Lotus on this, either with them or without them. Naturally want to do it with them and so I will update everyone as I know more.
Suffice it to say I am currently after sponsors of various items, from freebies(you want them as does anyone who visits), drinks, ecofriendly furntiure and other accoutrements plus some other odds and ends.
Once we have space and location/times, etc.. will plan/update as info is available.
3) Bill Malchisky12192 (10 Sep 2008)
From the @1 blog post... my comments there, work here as well.

Great idea Paul. I would think that putting it in the Showcase area would allow people to stop-by easier and feel like they are not missing something. If not there, then, very close to the showcase. Anywhere else, and one introduces competition for time and resources... "In the :15 I have, do I walk over here to the showcase, or *way* over there to possibly see a blogger?

It will be interesting to see how IBM views this.
4) Theo Heselmans9557 (12 Sep 2008)
I proposed this excellent idea at the end of January (but never added it to IdeaJam):
{ Link }
So have a look there for many initial after-LS08-reactions.


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