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Make a password complexity calculator available 
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: password, complexity
: Mathieu Pape7680 01 Oct 2012
: / Email
As opposed to my previous idea, if you prefer to maintain the current complexity rules it would be nice to have some sort of calculator to ease the job for us !

1) Bill Malchisky9254 (15 Oct 2013)
Where would you want this to appear? The admin can provide tips/rules on a password reset. Isn't that sufficient? Happy to change my vote with more details, but not seeing the value. Please elaborate a bit more. Thank you.
2) Mathieu Pape7680 (15 Oct 2013)
If you don't use length as your password policy but complexity I find it very hard to determine how complex a password is actually and if it suits the policy you set up. You can indeed suggest a rule (use a capital and a number e.g.) for your users but you have no way to inform them via the 'change password' dialog box and they could try for other passwords which will work while not match your given rule. IMHO this is very confusing. In other words, when people get there to change their password they have no clue why the system keeps on sayin their password is not complex enough. Even for an admin, when you have to go through such a technote :

{ Link }

well, maybe there could be easier ways to make this topic clear. The word "calculator" in the title is maybe wrongly chosen but given the way it works you almost need one to figure out a password's complexity.

By this I do of course not ask for lower security settings, don't get me wrong ;-)
3) Bill Malchisky9254 (15 Oct 2013)
Hi Mathieu, Thank you for the particulars. I understand better what you mean now. Perhaps just a pop-up hotspot that list examples of what would work for their password difficulty level, might suffice.

If one is trying to get by with the least complex password possible, I concur one could get irked; if they use complex passwords as the norm, the matter almost never surfaces.

Having stated that, the security policy settings documents rules allow for some highly complex passwords (e.g. no repeating digits or letters), unless a description of the restrictions is present or examples, users could get flustered and call the help desk for a ruling -- something that should be avoided.

4) Tinus Riyanto2905 (31 Oct 2013)
Almost everyone I know use length + other restriction to define the "minimum" strength of their password. Not sure how the calculator would help in this case, so I would reserve my vote until I got more information.


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