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: Mats Ingelborn419 31 Jan 2009
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Make Domino free to install and use. Maybe restricted to web access, but IBM can always charge for the client...
The Domino web server offer some unique and extremely powerful development features but when developing new online applications the user licences will put off most developers and startups. There are many other interesting platforms out there that are in direct competition with Domino (as a web app server), Ruby on rails and Django just to mention the two I've had a closer look at. But when compared to Domino they both come out short... But FREE!
So, my suggestion for IBM is to FREE Domino from its licence chains so it can live on and not just slowly fade away and die.

1) Bruce Elgort12540 (31 Jan 2009)
Mats have you seen this idea:
2) Mats Ingelborn419 (01 Feb 2009)
Bruce, No I had not.
I am not sure the open source route is the best but am still convinced that the platform will stop growing and eventually die (which most customers actually believe it has anyway)...
To actually grow the installed base Domino need to be free! IBM may still charge for the client and Designer. We pay ridiculous sums for Adobe's development suite so why not for Domino's? Usage should be free though, to make development attractive to a larger audience. I still think Domino provide THE best development features and base for web apps, but we as well as others may have to explore other routes... Hardly a threat to IBM more of a bitter necessity ;-)
3) Ben Poole2370 (03 Feb 2009)
Taking one of your points in the follow-up, re making the server free and the client paid-for, I'd rather pay for the SERVER than for Domino Designer.

As it currently stands, Domino Designer is an aged, sub-par IDE and not something that I would pay for!

I get the point about spreading the joy of Domino development, but I don't see how this move would achieve that.
4) Charles Robinson8913 (03 Feb 2009)
In order for IBM to make this work they would have to somehow limit features in the free and commercial versions. Currently they don't, and there are no facilities in place that would allow it. This would be a nice to have feature so you don't end up using features your license doesn't allow and getting nailed for it later, but I'm not sure it's worth the investment.
5) Bruce Lill10666 (04 Feb 2009)
They could release a version allowing only a fixed # of user (say 5 users). This would be similar to the Lotus Foundation setup.

The benefit would be to get more developers interested in using Domino. Allow for personal use.
6) Mats Ingelborn419 (04 Feb 2009)
It's not the client as such nor its tech that are worth paying for it's the idea of paying for something you install and use locally. Not for every user in the directory.

I think most of you still see Domino as a corporate solution while I try to picture it as a platform for advanced web apps. I see Notes/Domino being kicked out of corporations almost every day when used as a platform for email but as a platform for applications (with our without the Notes client) it is still going (rather) strong.
7) Alastair Grant10 (05 Feb 2009)
I don't think free is the way to go but from an internet perspective, domino is poorly represented in terms of webserver market share. So this issue needs addressing...

When you can host a whole site for less than $40 for a year, including domain, 3gb space, unlimited transfer, ASP, PHP, MySQL. You start to question why would you look at a domino server, when a free solution can do most of what you need if you have the LAMP skillset.

I think we need to see better (cheaper) domino hosting package options...
8) Darren Duke3521 (09 Feb 2009)
Don't know about free but I do like Alastair's point about hosting costs. Does seem a bit steep.
9) Kerr Rainey4990 (10 Feb 2009)
What would be very good is to see a Domino Express CE along the same lines as DB2 Express CE. Free for a limited deployment. It gets people on board and makes it much easier for people to try in a serious way without being limited to a fairly short time trial. If they never make it fly then no harm done.
10) Pavel S679 (21 Jan 2010)
No!!!, their license for internet startapps is "Utility server" it is very big price for me, and now i am on NGINX/Ruby(Mongrel&Camping). Ruby is much, MUCH better than LotusScript. And i am totally happy with this! Thanx IBM/Lotus for heir lic, otherwise, my site was, would be very slow by performance and development, ugh...

Ruby(with gems libs) as Lotus language would be nice!!!
11) Mats Ingelborn419 (21 Jan 2010)
Yes, you are so right Pavel.
Over the past year I've totally understood that the license model of companies such as IBM and MS open up for a whole new market.
Yesterday we discussed why one should even try to sell licensed software. There will always be (and there is in every sale) some competitor that will sell at a zero-margin, most often with IBM's silent support.

If we are not able to make money on the license why bother trying to sell them? Just go with the Open Source solutions and make money on consulting/solutions. And save our clients some money!
12) Martin Iturbide186 (11 Jun 2010)
The idea of a limited Domino Express CE is good to me.
13) John Foldager1155 (26 Nov 2010)
The license should be something like the following:

Domino server totally free:
- Customer should pay for every employee of the company, but not for anyone external
- Server should not be restricted in any way

I think that a free Domino server for xxx number of public users would make it possible to get Lotus Notes in the backdoor afterwards. Much the same as Microsoft is doing with Sharepoint these days.


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