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Allow Admin to Enable OOO Agent/Service for users 
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: Domino Administrator / Admin Tools
: ooo, out-of-office
: Gregg Eldred5345 29 Sep 2008
: / Email
Many times the Domino Administrator is asked to enable the OOO agent for a user. I'd like to see an easy (easier?) method for the Admin to accomplish this task.
This isn't that uncommon. A user leaves the office, and then calls to have his/her OOO enabled. While you can ask that they use iNotes/VPN or some other connection to their mail file, some people will not do this. Provide, within the Administration Client or an AdminP request, a way to enable the OOO agent and allow some control over the reply-to message.

1) Prem Kumar10 (24 Oct 2008)
An easy one here would be here to do a switch ID to user Id and set the OOO . Maybe someone can give a much simpler one
2) Marzel Laning382 (31 Dec 2008)
This should definitely be made easier.
Suppose you are upgrading mail templates during holiday and all OoO agents are disabled with the convert. This is a tough task to repair.

Not completely the same as Gregg's request, but the solution could be.
3) Oliver Regelmann4949 (05 Jan 2009)
This is solved in version 8, isn't it? With editor access admins can open a database and enable OoO service.
4) Ninke Westra1722 (19 Jan 2009)
there was a nice feature in the R7 to R8 upgrade (I don't know if it's fixed in 8.5) where users that had used the OOO in R7 but had it disabled would receive OoO messages of their OoO agent after the conversion to the R8 design as if they had it enabled.
5) Nathan Chandler1493 (03 Feb 2009)
This should be a feature in the Admin client (perhaps using Adminp). Editor access shouldn't be required, merely server admin rights. (Admins really shouldn't need access to mail files - and switching ID's to the users ID is bad practice IMHO) .
6) Rob Goudvis6585 (14 Oct 2009)
And do not forget to include the possibility to switch off the OoO agent too.
7) Ralph Borcherds547 (13 Jan 2011)
@4 This is supposed to be fixed in 8.5.2.

@3 That is how it works.

If the user has an admin assistant there is a new profile option in the mail file to allow designated people to set the OOO for the user.

The down side is: The assistant has to have access to mail, calendar, to-do's before the Enable OOO option is available. Not all users are willing to give editor access to their mail file to someone else.


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