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The Insert Embedded view dialog should use a db open instead of bookmarks 
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: Patrick Picard896 03 Dec 2009
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When trying to embed a view, the dialog uses the user's list of bookmarks. This is an issue when the user does not have a bookmark to the desired database.
Furthermore, when the developer has a bookmark for both a production and development version of the db, there is no way to differentiate them.
I propose to stop using the bookmark list and allow the user to browse to the required db, then pick the view

1) Paul Davies12381 (03 Dec 2009)
so much this. Also after embedding you can't change the database, you have to re-embed
2) Darren Duke3117 (03 Dec 2009)
IBM, please for the love of god, fix this!
3) Peter Presnell26659 (04 Dec 2009)
This is so inconsistent with the way everything else is done. This should be an easy fix and VERY useful.
4) Dirk Stelloh2259 (04 Dec 2009)
I'd like to choose db (server/filepath) by @formula-statement to implement configurable apps.
5) Jüri Raidma155 (04 Dec 2009)
Absolutely agree, after embedding you can not even see from what database this view comes. This should be changed!
And selecting db with @formula would really help a lot.
6) Vlad Sh10448 (04 Dec 2009)
{ Link }
7) Dirk Stelloh2259 (04 Dec 2009)
@6: You're right! There have been ideas for this:
2007-12-02 { Link }
2007-11-14 { Link }

But unfortunatly nothing happend until now :-(
What about specifying the vew name too? As possible when embedding subforms.
8) Vlad Sh10448 (04 Dec 2009)
> But unfortunatly nothing happend until now :-(
100%! :-(

> What about specifying the vew name too?
With the embedding if we set tick "Choose a View based on a formula", then the event "Embeded selection" described "Formula", where varying the name.
All have long been well implemented in the Outlines, there is 3 fields:
- Formula for kind of named element;
- Formula for database;
- Formula for name of named element.
I do not know, why not use the same mechanism?! Probably because IBM no longer positioned LND as a platform for development of workflow, unfortunately ... :-(
9) Starrow Pan4716 (15 Dec 2009)
Voted for similar ideas.
10) Vlad Sh10448 (15 Jan 2010)
If now in Composite applications, all sharpened by a ReplicaID, then let it be a replica, but that it can be set (eg taken from profile settings)!


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