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: Richard Schwartz4594 14 Nov 2007
: / Email
A tool for note-by-note comparison of nsf files.  I envision it as a dual-paned NotesPeek, with filtering options like:
- Show notes with unids not found in other database
- Show notes with same unid but different oid
- Show notes with same unid but value(s) in field(s) don't match
This would be invaluable (IMHO) for analyzing those pesky situations where two replicas of the same database just don't seem to match up.  Could also be valuable for audit purposes ('show me all the changes in this db since the backup taken on day X).
And of course, the final logical step would be drag-drop between the two panes to manually restore missing/deleted notes, bring different copies of the same note into synch, etc.

1) Richard Schwartz4594 (14 Nov 2007)
Thinking about this some more, although I mentioned NotesPeek and that would be a cool UI, a DXL-based tool would probably be simpler to build. The poor-man's version of this would just be to dump the DXL from two NSFs, eliminate everything that is specific to a replica (e.g., noteids, etc) and then bring up the two files in a decent file diff program.
2) Rob Goudvis8695 (29 Nov 2007)
We are working on a tool to do this. The technique to use will be implemented with the NotesNoteCollection class.

The tool will support levels of comparison, e.g. everything, document values, documents existance, design elements, etc.
3) Richard Schwartz4594 (19 Dec 2007)
Rob, that's excellent! I hope you'll let me know when it is available!

You can reach me at: rhsatrhs AT gmail.com
4) Ron Kats1246 (28 Dec 2007)
how could i've missed this one ! Really great we now use Teamstuide Delta to do the job, but that's a bit hard to get into your own code. And I also I you'll let me know when it is available!

You can reach me at my LinkedIN address (see my profile)


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